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Happy New Year, Hip2Savers! We’re Recapping Our Best Year Yet…

We’re ringing in the New Year with grateful hearts. ❤️
We’re sharing our 2021 year in review whether it was a memorable moment, a hot deal, or something BIG worth reminiscing again.

We’ve endured big changes this year as a company, we’re grateful for positive growth, and all that is to come in 2022! 🥰

Can you even believe it’s the New Year already?!

We say it every year, but we just can’t believe we’re wrapping up yet another amazing year! This was our best year yet with an astounding 129+ MILLION views on the site! 🤯 This year, we’ve posted more than 15k posts, and all of you incredible readers left us over 70k comments! 😱

Of all the 365 days, we were the busiest on surprise, surprise… November 26th (AKA Black Friday!) with over 1.3 million page views! 🙌🏻 While Black Friday, this year, felt like a month-long adventure, you all proved to stick with us on tradition and shop on the biggest savings day of the year! 🎉

We can’t say it enough, but we couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of you who make our Hip2Save site & entire community possible! Every comment, love letter, and visit to our site is something we talk about as a team and cherish daily! ❤️
Everything we do is for YOU and we’re so grateful to have the best readers EVER! 🤩
And apparently, you’re the cleanest people out there too, because y’all bought 22,158 packs of Lysol wipes, 18,537 Purex laundry stain remover bars, and 3,369 packs of Swedish dishcloths! 🤣

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Without further ado, here’s a recap of the most exciting Hip2Save moments in 2021 from start to finish:


It didn’t take long into 2021 for us to start the celebrations. This past January we hit 100,000 Instagram followers! With persistence, algorithm changes, and lots of organic development, we’re thankful for all the growth that has happened, even since then. Cheers to many more!

And if you don’t follow us on Insta, we’d love for you to join us over there. Collin does a regular morning show sharing all the best deals (and usually gets personal) and Stetson hops on weekly to do his fun Takeover Tuesday!

Want more ways to connect with us? Be sure to sign up for text alerts! Collin sends them out regularly and it’s the BEST way to score the hottest deals before they’re gone. Plus, you can even ask her questions and chat about whatever!


How did we ever live without TikTok with what we know now?! In February, we took a leap to try some viral TikTok trends for ourselves and the results never seem to disappoint.

To date, our favorite trend we tried was definitely this incredibly delicious TikTok Feta Pasta. The super-easy recipe was one that had the whole country asking how we never thought of it ourselves before. 🤔 This recipe has made last-minute meals a total breeze and it’s a mega-hit with the kids too. 🙌🏻

Speaking of delicious meals, many of us rooted for Tom Brady in the 2021 Superbowl, held in Tampa. Although he remains to be one of the most popular football players, it was the lowest attended Super Bowl in history, thanks to COVID. However, we still enjoyed unique & impressive Super Bowl recipes at home!

While we rounded up more than 50 fun game day recipes last February, just in time for the big game, this cheesy & oh-so doughy sheet pan dip was among our favorites featured. 🤤


One of the cutest things that happened this year was when Collin and her family welcomed our newest & furriest Hip sidekick, Eddie! Their other doodle, Yoli, needed a little buddy and if you follow Hip2Save on Instagram you’ve likely loved watching him grow over the last year as we have.

He’s been such a joy and great addition to the team (despite peeing all over Collin’s Christmas tree this year). 😂


We like to stay humble, but we have to say this year we hosted our funniest April Fools Day yet. With hilarious posts ranging from Happy Teenager Facial Spray to School Cafeteria Candles 😆and  Money Trees with Actual Cash, we got pretty creative and wacky, to say the least.

In case you’ve never been around our site for this big day, just know we dish out way more than jokes (like fun giveaways) so you won’t want to miss what we have in store for 2022. 😉


Our sister site, Hip2Keto turned 3 in May! If you follow a keto lifestyle and have yet to check out our flourishing keto site, come on over. Every day feels like a celebration when we’re posting the most delicious keto recipes, products we love, helpful tips, and so much more!

Interested in starting keto? There’s no better place to start learning everything you need to know than right here.


Amazon Prime Day was the earliest it’s ever been!

Typically held in July, this huge event had everyone scrambling – including other major retailers like Target & Walmart! Thanks to our incredibly savvy team, we were able to share all the hottest deals as quickly as possible despite Amazon’s curveball this past summer.

Even more exciting than Amazon Prime Day, Hip2Save turned another year older making our site officially a teenager! 🥳 Watch out world because we’re only getting older, wiser, and better than ever!


Target likely hosted its last-ever Semi-annual Toy Sale this past July! While they typically host this huge savings event on toys and games every July and January, it’s not on the horizon for 2022… at all. Due to global supply chain issues and shipment delays, we may never see this highly anticipated event ever happen again.

Read more news about Target’s inventory here.

Speaking of inventory, teachers prepared for back in-school sessions & we helped clear their lists! We know just how hard teachers work and how difficult the past two years have been since the start of the pandemic so helping check off wish lists for supplies and gear up classrooms for back in-school sessions felt like the least we could do!

Want to make a change for a teacher? The comments for donations on our post continue to pour in!


Hip2Save wasn’t the only one celebrating a big birthday this year. Our very own Hip boss, Collin, turned 40 on August 20th! 🥳

She is the most hard-working boss we know, a dear friend to many, our leader, and someone who always remains positive regardless of the circumstances so to celebrate, our team put together this surprise birthday post! We sure love ya, Collin!

To top it off, she and her family also relocated to Dallas, Texas in August to be by family again! To date, they couldn’t be happier with the decision and life has never been better for all of them. 💕


We started a new behind-the-scenes series where you get an exclusive peek into all our Hip lives when we’re off the clock. We know how important it is to feel connected to our readers (and vice versa), so starting this series has been a joy to watch unfold!

We share anything and everything from what we’re personally buying, the adorable Hip babies being born, epic pranks we’ve played, and so, so, so much more.

Want to catch up on our Hip Series? Here’s each month to catch you up to speed:



We knew Cam was a gem when we hired her, but it didn’t take long for others to notice her bright light & contagious positivity too. As you may have seen already, Cam was honored to go live on TikTok on behalf of Hip2Save for Dave & Busters! She rocked the nearly hour-long gig and it’s one experience we hope carries into many more opportunities with our favorite brand partners.


This one may come as a surprise to many of you, but believe it or not, this past year was the first time EVER our ENTIRE Hip2Save company was on a call at once. In fact, we maxed out our Zoom screen and then some! Typically we host weekly meetings for each individual department, but there was something truly special about everyone connecting and discussing what’s to come for 2022 as a whole. 😍

Of course, what would the month of November be without mentioning Black Friday (we are a deals site after all 😏)?! Unlike any other year, this was also the first year we brought you the hottest holiday deals for the longest duration so far!

Rather than just a couple of days, our team stayed up 24/7 for a whole entire WEEK during Black Friday & Cyber Monday bringing you the hottest seasonal deals. It was truly epic! 👏🏻


The hottest toy of the season stole the show this past December when we shared how and where to score a Magic Mixies. Just when so many readers thought there was little to no hope, we prevailed together!

The positivity and encouragement from our Hip2Save community is truly what keeps our team thriving & achieving higher goals. I’ll just let these amazing reader comments from our Facebook deal group do the rest of the talking. 🥺🥰

“Tips like this one are why people follow Hip2Save! You really are so helpful! My kiddo didn’t ask for much at all, but I was able to get this for her all thanks to you! Like others, I had to keep trying, but one was finally added to my cart. I received the confirmation email right away, so I hope it works out. You all really are appreciated!” – Carolyn

“I was able to buy THREE! I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t signed up for Hip2Save text messages! Woot!!” – Lindsay 

“You just saved Christmas. The ONLY thing my oldest daughter wanted.” – Aubrey

“Cheers to Hip2Save for the awesome tips and for the awesome ladies! I scored one for my kiddo after giving up on the restock for these! Y’all are the bomb, thanks again from your Hip2Save community.” – Alejandra

If that wasn’t enough excitement, we also did an epic last-minute Christmas giveaway where we gave away a PS5 and it made it to the winner’s home just in the knick of time for Christmas! 🎁 While it was just one of the many giveaways we did over the holiday season, it was definitely one for the books – and of course, our 25 Days of Christmas giveaways where we gifted over $25,000 in amazing prizes! 😱

Well Hip2Save readers, on that note, we’re ready to cozy up with our families, eat yummy food, remember all that is good in our lives, and be so thankful for all that’s to come.

We sure appreciate each and every one of you and are wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year in 2022!
Cheers to 2022! We made it & we’ll see ya in the New Year! 🎉🎊