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We Tried Copycat Crumbl Cookies from Sam’s Club & They’re a Sweet Way to Save!

Have you spotted the less expensive copycat Crumbl cookies at Sam’s Club yet?

Listen up sugar cookie fans, these copycat Crumbl cookies from Sam’s Club will yield some sweet savings!
Soft sugar cookies are my very favorite type of cookie in general, so when I heard there is now a trendy frosted sugar cookie Crumbl copycat at Sam’s Club, I was excited to do a taste test and side-by-side comparison!

The Member’s Mark colossal frosted sugar cookies resemble the ones you’d find at Crumbl but for less than half the cost!

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What are Crumbl cookies, and what’s the appeal?
Crumbl cookies are large specialty bakery-style cookies with various mouth-watering flavors that rotate each week. The soft sugar cookies with pink frosting are one of their most iconic varieties and are undeniably delicious. They are freshly baked and are often decorated right after you order in an open-air bakery-style store.

Each Sunday, we look forward to the new cookie flavors announced on social media for the week because the cookies are a feast for the eyes and stomach. Thanks to social media, my teens and their friends are big fans, and we enjoy them as special occasion treats, as they are super sweet and also super pricey!

At Crumbl, a box of four large cookies is priced at $14.35. In my opinion, that is a lot of money for just FOUR cookies, but they taste insanely good and it means no one messes up my kitchen baking them! HA 😂

Check out the Sam’s Club copycat Crumbl cookies in their bakery!
These Member’s Mark colossal sugar cookies are made in-store, have a similar look and feel to the packaging, and are priced much less than Crumbl. You can grab a pack of four large cookies for just $5.98 vs. $14.35 at Crumble!

That’s almost a 60% savings compared to Crumbl, so I decided to take a box of each cookies home and give them a taste test myself to compare them side-by-side and see which ones tasted better!

These sugar cookies look so similar, don’t they?
Both cookies are frosted, have a soft crumbly texture, and are about the same size. The Crumbl sugar cookie is slightly larger and thicker in size.

Now for the moment of truth… how does the taste compare?
I cut each cookie in quarters and had my family taste with me. We were all super impressed with how well Sam’s Club Oh My Dough cookies compared to Crumbl!

The bottom line is they tasted so similar and so delicious.

The Sam’s Club version was a little denser and not as thick, but the frosting and everything about the cookie compared well! I was honestly pleasantly surprised!

We all agreed the Crumbl cookie tasted slightly better and fresher, but these Oh My Dough cookies are an awesome copycat, especially for the price.
If you like Crumbl sugar cookies, I would encourage you to give these Sam’s Club ones a try. I will for sure be buying them again. The best part, at just $5.98 a box, these are such a great value compared to the more expensive Crumbl cookies, too!
Three cheers for this affordable snacking option! 🍪

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