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ALDI’s Awesome Pan is Back in Stores Tomorrow | It’s So Similar to Always Pan & ONLY $28.99

ALDI has brought back this best-selling pan…
We’re super excited to score an awesome lookalike from ALDI! You’ve probably seen us obsess over the Always Pan, but we don’t love the price (a whopping $145 😬). So we love that ALDI is bringing back their Awesome Pan which is so similar to the Always pan for ONLY $28.99!

These pans will be in-store starting tomorrow, November 30th so make plans to get there early! If you know your store often gets stuff out early, you may even want to pop in tonight!

The Crofton Awesome Pan boasts some of the same features that make the Always Pan so popular, including a nonstick ceramic coating and an aluminum body for fast and even heating. They both also have lids and handles that will stay cool while you fry, sauté, boil and more!

Following the Always Pan style, this time around, ALDI’s version will be available in trendy matte black, ivory, or purple colors.

How similar is this lookalike to the original?

The Crofton Awesome Pan has a slightly larger diameter of 10.25″ vs. 10″ for the Always Pan.
The Always Pan comes with a spatula that fits perfectly into the built-in spoon rest AND a steamer basket.
The specifics of ALDI’s lid are not yet known, but the Always Pan has a modular lid that unlocks to easily let out steam.
Both are compatible with all cooktops, including gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen and induction.
Both are made without toxic materials, such as PFOAs and PTFEs.

This pan is beautiful! I’ve heard amazing things about the Always Pan but was never willing to pay hundreds for one pan. When I saw this at Aldi, I knew I had to give it a try. The pan is gorgeous and appears very well made. I love that this pan is made without toxic ingredients. The blue color is lovely and makes me happy every time I look at it on my stove. – Melinda, Hip Sidekick

Want to invest in the Always Pan? Bookmark this page for future sales!