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14 of the Best Valentine’s Day Candy Picked By Our Team

Here’s the best Valentine’s Day candy, and we had to include some nostalgic picks, too! 

Have the sweetest Valentine’s Day!  💝 
With love already in the air, it’s time to showcase that affection with something sweet. Aside from flowers, Valentine’s Day candy is the number one contender for a gifting must-have. Whether it’s for your spouse, kids, or friends, we have tons of choices all ages are going to love.

Many of these picks are from our Hip2Save team members, so you can take our word for how yummy these treats are. Plus, they’d be awesome to make goodie bags with, as many of the choices are individually wrapped and have festive packaging! 😍

Here are our top 14 choices for the best Valentine’s Day candy:

1. Who can resist falling in love with these nostalgic Tiny Conversation Hearts?

Brach’s Valentine’s Tiny Conversation Hearts
Only $3.29!

Conversation Hearts are a quintessential and also slightly controversial Valentine’s Day treat, but are a beloved tradition for many! Share the sweet sentiment by handing out individually packed boxes of this sugary snack. While it’s certainly not unanimous for people to agree on how tasty they are, they do serve serious nostalgia!

2. Speaking of, Hershey’s released new Valentine’s Conversation Kisses!

Hershey’s Valentine’s Kisses Milk Chocolate Conversation
Only $3.99!

It’s not Valentine’s Day unless you celebrate with some Hershey’s Kisses, and this year, they’ve released brand new Conversation Kisses! Each kiss is classically wrapped individually with adorable phrases underneath, which would make for a great snack or even a party favor for any festivities.

3. Reese’s in the shape of hearts taste even better than the regular ones.

Reese’s Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts
Only $3.99!

Every holiday season, we look forward to the cute shapes Reese’s celebrates with. While the chocolate and peanut butter flavors stay the same, limited edition novelty-shaped Reese’s candies somehow taste so much better! 😄

4. Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Hearts are for all the Sour & Sweet loved ones in your life.

Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Hearts
Only $1.29!

Say hello to Sour Patch hearts! The flavors are filled with pink strawberry and red raspberry for a delicious fruity snack. Some reviewers even say they love these flavors more than the original! Better yet, the packaging already has a spot to fill in “To:” and “From:” making these boxes totally giftable.

5. You can’t go wrong with a classic heart-shaped box of assorted chocolate.

Russell Stover Valentine’s Red Foil Heart
Only $21.99!

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates
Only $9.48!

There are tons of different chocolate heart collections to choose from so we can’t pick just one; however, there’s nothing better than receiving a classic assortment of various different chocolates that anyone is bound to love.

6. Ghirardelli’s heart-shaped chocolates are perfect for caramel lovers.

Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Caramel Hearts Bag
Only $5.29!

Indulge in these Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Caramel Hearts while celebrating this year’s season of love. It’s the classic chocolate and caramel combo that makes our hearts soar!

7. Favorite Day Hot Drink Bombs will melt even the coldest hearts.

Assorted Favorite Day Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Only $3.49 – $4.99!

It’s chocolate, but with an added twist! These hot chocolate bombs contain a variety of candy flavors that turn into the sweetest surprise when dropped into a mug of hot milk.

8. Silky smooth Dove hearts are so good, it’s hard to stop at just one!

Dove Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Hearts
Only $4.99!

The silky smooth chocolates are made with the luscious rich milk chocolate we’ve already come to love from Dove, but there’s just something about heart-shaped chocolates that makes them taste even sweeter!

9. White chocolate lovers will rejoice over limited edition Lindt truffles.

Lindt Lindor Valentine’s Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles
Only $5.29!

These smooth Lindt Lindor truffles have a white chocolate exterior with a strawberry and cream interior, giving the perfect balance of sweet fruity flavor.

10. All Kit Kat seasonal flavors are incredible, but these may be the best!

Kit Kat Valentine’s Raspberry Creme Miniatures
Only $3.99!

This Valentine’s Day candy has that same interior wafer we all know and love; the only difference is that delish raspberry creme exterior. These Kit Kats are so delish that you’ll have a hard time only having one.

11. Will you accept this chocolate rose?

Galerie Valentine’s Red Chocolate Roses
Only $1.49!

Show your appreciation by distributing a delicious edible red rose. 🌹Collin loves these as she remembers these chocolate roses being the big thing to gift back in junior high — anyone else?! 🙋‍♀️

12. The Skittles Valentine’s Exchange kit is a Valentine’s card plus a treat all in one!

Skittles Valentine’s Exchange Kit
Only $4.49!

If you have little ones, these Skittles packages would be perfect to bring to your kiddo’s classmates as each pack has a to/from section and comes with a teacher’s card!

13. Candy Corn enthusiasts (and naysayers), it’s time to try Cupid’s Corn! 

Cupid Corn Valentine’s Candy Corn
Only $9.69!

Move over Candy Corn — we’re introducing you to Cupid Corn! While this was a big point of contention amongst our team during Halloween, we think Cupid Corn is too darn cute not to love! Where do you stand on the sugar-filled debate?

14. Nerd’s Clusters make hearts soar!

Nerds Valentine’s Gummy Clusters
Only $3.29!

This highly-rated candy is an absolute favorite among V-Day candy lovers. They provide the perfect crunch with balanced flavors of sweet and tangy!

BONUS Treat: When in doubt, wine is the perfect adult Valentine’s exchange!

ALDI Winking Owl Wine
Only $3 – $5!

Spread the love on Valentine’s Day by scoring your honey’s favorite kind of wine! When looking for an affordable yet delicious wine, we love ALDI’s Winking Owl Wine and Trader Joe’s wine! Restrictions apply per location.

Check out these Valentine’s Day finds at Walmart!