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This Reader Shares How She Saves BIG on Walgreens Purchases!

Headed to Walgreens? Read this first!
This week’s Happy Friday reader, Jackie, is a professional Walgreens-saver! She is frugal, smart, and intentional when shopping at Walgreens. Jackie actually helps many of our readers in the comments of our Walgreens posts. Today, she’s sharing her secrets in detail.

I started shopping at Walgreens over thirty years ago when my children were small. It was nearby, small enough that shopping with two little ones wasn’t totally beyond their ability to behave, and, best of all, accepted coupons. Every penny counted in those days.

Today, my daughter is an avid Walgreens shopper, and my young granddaughter knows exactly what Walgreens Cash is for—buying her toys and Tylenol.

Along the way, there was definitely a steep learning curve for me since this was the pre-computer era. Today, we have Hip2Save and other sites to share information and help each other. Walgreens is such a broad topic, but here are a few tips that might help.

1. Walgreens has very specific rules. They are spelled out here in Take the time to read through the coupon policy, questions, and answers. In the end, it will save you time and frustration.

2. Do the Matchups. Walgreens has a paper monthly booklet of coupons that comes out at the end of each month. They are also in digital format. Match the Walgreens coupons with the Manufacturer’s coupons for big savings. Regularly go through Ibotta, and match the offers with Walgreens sales items. Submit receipts to Fetch. No time? Use Hip2Save and Walgreens-specific couponing sites.

3. Use other people’s money to shop at Walgreens. That would be the manufacturer’s coupons. It is free money and is available in digital format or from newspaper inserts. If you don’t have a Sunday newspaper subscription, you can use Walgreens Cash to purchase a copy.

4. If low stock is a problem at your Walgreens and your store pickup orders are often canceled or you don’t want to spend the $10 minimum, consider doing a ship-to-store order instead. Online variety is far greater than the stores. I have ordered something as small as a $2 nail file, paid in WC, and shipped it to the store for free.

5. Stack, stack, and stack offers for maximum value. Read the ad thoroughly. Combine the WC offers with your mystery coupon, plus any special offers such as earning WC for any beauty offers or health offers. The more you can combine, the more you save.

I did one order in January where I spent $65.09, but I earned back $49.64 through stacking. I bought 2 Colgate toothpastes and 6 Shea Moisture products. I stacked the mystery coupon, an offer for shopping so many times a month, a toothpaste offer, and a SheaMoisture offer.

6. Check the end caps in the store plus look for the orange sale tags. Look online for the clearance offer section. After the holidays and once school has started, are great times to check. In mid-September, I look for book bags to donate to schools. I often find them for $3.

7. Lower your food budget. Check the ads. Tyson products, ground beef, cereal, etc. can be on sale, and you can use Walgreens Cash. I haven’t paid for Ketchup in years. You can’t use WC on milk, though.

8. Be open to trying Walgreens brands. The Pet Shoppe dog waste bags are a tremendous buy. They are of much better quality and cheaper than the pet store brands. Don’t get me started on the hazards of poking your finger through dollar store brands.

9. Don’t worry if a deal doesn’t work out. Take it back. Ask customer service to help you figure out why it didn’t work. There is ALWAYS another better deal right around the corner.

Happy Walgreens shopping, and may you always save.

Thank you so much, Jackie, for sharing these saving hacks for Walgreens. You’re an amazing reader, and we’ve taken some notes for our next Walgreens shopping trip!

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