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Try the Bark App FREE for an Entire Month (Schedule Kids Screen Time, Block Apps, & More!)

Parents! Did you know there’s an easy way to monitor your kid’s web usage? Try the Bark App for FREE!

Do you ever wish you had a ‘web-watch dog’ for your child’s screen time? 🐕

In this day and age, our kids are using screens, the Internet, and social media more than ever. If you’re looking for a catch-all way to give yourself peace of mind when they do, we can’t speak highly enough about the ease of use and effectiveness of the Bark app!

Best of all, for a limited time, you can score your first month using the Bark app FREE with our exclusive code! That’s an easy $14 freebie to manage your kids’ screen time, check their location, and simultaneously filter usage across 30+ different apps, all with one easy service!

That’s one less thing you have to stress about! 🙌🏼

It couldn’t be easier to signup for the Bark app! Here’s how:

Click through our exclusive link to get started
Create a new account
Select monthly billing – you will automatically receive a FREE 7-day Trial
*Note that after the 7-day trial, the account will remain ‘Active’ but the first month is billed at $0
That’s it! Get 30 days of Bark completely FREE!

*Important note: The Bark app installation process is super easy, but you will need a USB cord to sync your kiddo’s devices as there is currently no Bluetooth/ WiFi connect option.

The best part about this exclusive 30-day FREE Trial is that you get FULL access to everything that Bark’s parental control app has to offer and not just some small-scale trial! 🙌🏼

That means you’ll be able to manage their screen time, filter which websites they can visit, check on their location in real-time, monitor texts, emails, and more alerts, plus 30+ different social media apps and platforms, AND get alerts sent right to your phone!

*Pssst! And don’t worry — Bark doesn’t just let you know about issues without giving you suggestions for how to address them. They help you strengthen your relationship with your kid by suggesting ways to handle different difficult situations. 🤗

Tired of barking at your kids over screen time? Be sure to try out my favorite feature: the schedule!
If you love lists, charts, calendars, then you’re gonna love the schedule feature on the Bark app. It is SO much easier to use (& prettier IMO) than other scheduling features on similar security apps!

You can seriously schedule all 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 things 👏🏼 from school/homework time, bedtime, even free time! From there you can decide exactly what websites and apps can be used during that time, including TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, you name it! And blocking them is as easy as switching the little slider bar on/off.

Plus, you can schedule out a weekly or daily schedule with time slots for every hour of the day, 7 days a week. It’s even pre-color coated ya’ll! 😍

It has been SUCH a relief not to have to fight with my kids over what to turn off during homework time! The rules are set in stone, from the palm of my hand, in the simple app, on my phone, and Bark does it all for me!

Thank you, Bark, for the helpful alerts!
One of parents’ favorite features (and another one of mine too) is the alerts! You’ll get an automatic email or text when Bark detects potential risks so you don’t have to scroll through every post, text, and user activity at the end of each day… because what parent really has time for that??

Some of the alerts are for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, violence, and much more. Bark will even alert you when your child hasn’t been fully been exposed to but may have gotten close to risky content so that proactive parents can talk to their child and ask if everything is okay.

Need to cancel? You won’t have to jump through hoops!

You can cancel through your account settings at any time. Simply log in to your account, select Menu, Account, then scroll down to Cancel My Account. It’s so easy!

Note that if you are using the Apple Subscription payment method, you’ll notice in your Bark Account Settings that you have to go to your Apple Subscriptions page to manage your Bark subscription (e.g. to edit, cancel, or refund).

Try the Bark app FREE for 30 days!
That’s 30 days of peace of mind 🙏🏼

Have you ever tried Bark? We’d love to hear your thoughts! ❤️