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These Dollar Tree DIY Bowl Stands Are On Trend and Easy to Make!

If you love unique Dollar Tree DIY makeovers, check out these acrylic bowls that look like expensive stoneware! It’s the perfect DIY dollar tree decor.

Here’s a fun and easy Dollar Tree DIY makeover idea!
Dollar Tree tends to have a great selection of bowls in a variety of shapes in the party and housewares sections. Of course, these are great for inexpensive dishes for serving, but did you know you can easily transform them into stylish bowl stands?! These faux pottery pieces can be incorporated into your home decor as a trendy centerpiece or to display on shelves or a mantle.

Neutral-colored ceramic-looking containers are a super popular home decor trend right now. Just think, you can make your own on the cheap!

I think these beautiful pieces of decor turn out looking so high-end and no one would ever guess they are actually plastic Dollar Tree bowls! 

Textured spray paint is the key to DIY Dollar Tree bowls!
Can you even believe these are actually lightweight clear acrylic bowls from Dollar Tree? They look like they are heavy stones thanks to this can of Rust-Oleum textured spray paint! I cannot get over how amazing this transformation is. I am a huge fan of spray paint projects and this one is such a winner!

To complete this DIY Dollar Tree decor craft, all you have to do is glue a smaller bowl upside-down to the bottom of a larger bowl so it will create a stand. Then use spray paint followed by stone textured spray paint to transform the stand from ordinary to extraordinary! I love how the details of the larger plastic punch bowl look so pretty!

Dollar Tree DIY Bowl Stands


Supplies Needed



Remove any stickers from your bowls.


Place the smaller bowl upside down and use glue to attach it to the center bottom of the larger bowl to create a stand.


Spray paint a base layer of paint all around and inside the bowl. Let it dry.


Using the stone textured paint of a similar color, spray the bowl and stand. Let dry.


Use greenery, faux succulents, or other home decor items to style your bowl as a centerpiece or on a bookshelf or mantel!

Tips for making Dollar Tree DIY bowl stands:

You will need to use a base coat of traditional spray paint first. I had white chalk paint spray paint on hand and used that first as it was a similar color to my stone textured spray paint.

One of the small bowls I am using for the larger bowl stand is actually glass. I used hot glue and it stayed just fine. If you are concerned though, maybe consider using a stronger industrial glue like E6000 for glass pieces.

You can also consider using a plate for the top as more of a decorative plate stand instead of a bowl. You can then use it the same way as part of your decor within shelving or on tabletops to create interest and texture.

Oh my goodness…how pretty is this Dollar Tree DIY?!
I styled them on my favorite oversized wood Magnolia tray from Target with some stylish wood beads, and wood chain decor pieces from Amazon. What a fun and frugal centerpiece for my dining room!

My teammate made this project already — check out her results! 
She even used them to display Dollar Tree Easter decor in them. How fun and perfect for spring!

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