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Fracture Glass Prints Are The Most Stunning One-of-a-Kind Wall Decor (& They’re 20% OFF!)

Fracture glass prints are the new gold standard for photos and wall decor in my home!

Who knew pictures printed on glass could be this beautiful?!
My family and I just moved into our house six months ago, and I’ve been slowly decorating our bedroom waiting to find the perfect centerpiece above the bed. Then I found Fracture glass prints and knew exactly which photos were deserving of such an elegant frame design — my wedding photos of course! I can confidently say my bedroom decor is finally complete and feels homier than ever! 😍

Now, I will admit these glass photo prints are pricey and definitely cost more than regular framed photo prints and canvases, but then again, my wedding photography wasn’t exactly cheap either. 😂 This is how I came to realize that the investment from both ends is worth it!

These glass prints tell the story of one of the best days of my life and showcase beautiful memories in a much more special way than traditional framing. ❤️

But I’ve got a little surprise to help make the cost a bit more bearable. In true Hip2Save fashion, we’ve secured an exclusive promo for you to save on Fracture glass prints!

First-time customers can score 20% OFF individual Fracture glass prints! Just use coupon code HIP2SAVE20 at checkout.

*Standard shipping is FREE on orders of $100 or more. 

Large 15.6″ x 20.8″ Fracture Glass Print $105
Use promo code HIP2SAVE20 (20% off)
Final cost $84!

Small 5.5″ x 5.5″ Glass Print $25
Use promo code HIP2SAVE20 (20% off)
Final cost $20!

While opening the packaging to see the gorgeous glass photo prints in real life was amazing, I have to admit, I had SO much fun in the ordering process!
Picking and choosing the highlights from that magical day was so sentimental. I got a little carried away (I mean, how could I pick just ONE) so I ordered a few to create a gallery wall with a collage of my favorite photos from the special day!

There are a bunch of customization options, too. You can add filters and effects, which I took advantage of by adding a black and white filter to my wedding photos.

You can even choose matte glass so your glass prints are non-glare. For single prints, this add-on ranges between an additional $4 – $6. If you’re interested in purchasing a bundle, matte glass is included with photo wall purchases (though our discount code does not work on bundled products). I added the matte glass and love how even the sunniest days won’t affect the appearance of my prints.

For those of you who want to place these Fracture glass photo prints on your desks or display them on a shelf, check out the stand add-on! This simple way to prop up your print starts at $3 and is perfect for a tabletop display.

Shipping is super fast, and installation is easy peasy.
Your order ships with FedEx, and my delivery was super quick. I placed my order on a Monday, and the shipment arrived on Wednesday. 😱 I was so worried that these glass prints would break or crack during the shipping process, but the packaging is super sturdy.

As anyone would imagine, I was so excited to hang these up ASAP. For both convenience and efficiency, the prints come with screws and instructions to place and hang them perfectly. I had no trouble at all hanging these on my wall. 🙌

I could stare at these glass prints for hours… and may have already. 😄
I mean, who knew photos printed on glass would be this eye-catching?! There is no decrease in quality or graininess, which was something I was a little worried about. If your photo is too low of a resolution for the size you’re looking to print, the website will show an error pop-up to ask you to re-upload with a higher resolution or to change the frame size.

After seeing these final results up on my wall, I’m happy to confirm that when you order from Fracture, you’re definitely getting what you pay for!

Even my hubby is in complete awe of our Fracture glass prints!
It was just as much his special day too, so he’s loving this print just as much as I do! We’re thrilled to finally have found that signature decor item we had been lacking before, and I proudly get to showcase these beautiful prints in my room. Every time I need a smile and want to reminisce, I just stare at it in awe.

Whether these are a gift for a significant other, a loved one (*ahem* Mother’s Day is coming up!), or just a special gift for yourself, these glass prints are undeniably unique and the perfect touch for custom home decor. Just don’t forget to use our Fracture coupon code HIP2SAVE20 so you can save on your purchase!

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