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This Reader Created Her Own Bike Carrier Out of a Household Item

Looking for a bike holder?
No more chasing down the street to catch up with your kiddos! This week’s Happy Friday reader, Megan, created something we didn’t know we needed: a bike holder! And wait until you hear how simple it is.

I wanted to share something really small from the Dollar Tree that has made the balance bike carrying/ transitioning to pedals much easier for our family. A dog leash wasn’t exactly on my list of things we needed for bike rides, but, second to the helmet, I think every parent needs one for saving your back /extra free hands.

One afternoon, at the last minute (arms overfilled with sippy, helmets, etc.), I ran back into the house to grab two ribbons to make a handle. My toddler must have kidnapped them, so I scanned the room for anything similar and saw a dog leash. It worked so well I have continued using it ever since, and, coincidentally, it matches his helmet as a bonus.

For the balance bike (use number 1 of 2), we loop the handle of the leash through the back of the bike (feed clip into handle hole so it holds the bike)and then attach the clip part to the front so carrying the bike is almost like a laptop shoulder bag. Hopefully, the pictures help explain it in more detail…it’s easier to show in person. I do this when I go get my son from school, and he wants to ride home.

I clip his helmet onto the setup, so my hands are free for me to munch a snack or drink water on my way over. I wish I knew this when he would beg me to carry his bike home while he was getting fitter going around the block. Lol, he wanted me to carry the bike while also his hand at the same time. The leash method is easier than growing another arm. 😉

The switch to building different muscles for a pedal bike is not the fastest. Since I had the leash with me already, I use the same leash to occasionally give a little pull or nudge to get momentum going for pedaling. I attach the leash to both sides of the handlebar and make a knot into the middle. I didn’t have enough directional control to pull it safely when I just attached it to the middle.

You might need 2 bells as we have a bell and a stroller fan to hold the leash from sliding to the middle. Then when he isn’t watching I gently let the leash rest on the front and he just keeps pedaling. When not in use, it tucks easily into a pocket.

The second use that I explained for the pulling of the pedal bike helped us both have more confidence to cross the road to get to the bike trail while he was learning to steer his pedal bike but still wanted to be independent enough to be on his bike while crossing. I hope this helps some other parents while teaching their children to ride. ❤

What a clever and easy way to make bike trips so much easier, Megan! Thanks so much for sharing.

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