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The Latest TikTok Trend Has us Buying All The Sherpa Lined Bathing Suits This Season

We’re ready to hit the beach before the summer even hits! 🏖
Headed for a vacay while the weather’s still chilly? We’re sharing a new bathing suit company that’s taken over TikTok. We learn more than we ever could have imagined on the social media platform, and these game-changing, super cozy sherpa swimsuits are our favorite find yet!

Say hello to Warmer Days…literally! ☀️

The industry-leading bathing suit company, Warmer Days, is making revolutionary yet affordable swimsuits for women! As someone who’s always cold, I knew I needed to give them a try because they’re lined with incredibly cozy sherpa fleece! 😱

Plus, just the thought of relaxing on the beach or pool (even on chilly days) while being surrounded by sherpa sounded absolutely dreamy and unlike any other suit I’ve tried. 🤩

Each of their swimsuits is made in the USA using organic and hypoallergenic sherpa lining so you’ll never have to worry about sensitivities when you slip one of these bathing suits on. 🙌🏻

Better yet, the extra layer of sherpa makes these suits a whopping 95 SPF so it’s practically like wearing extremely comfortable UV ray protective armor when battling the sun on the brightest of days.

Warmer Days also makes swimsuits for every shape and size and there are an endless amount of colors and styles ranging from one-pieces to bikinis. You can even customize the sherpa with their 75 different tones available! 😍

However, one of the most notable features about this innovative swimsuit company is that the sherpa is actually waterproof! 😱

This means you can swim for hours no matter the water temperature and keep your most precious body parts warm and cozy. 🙌🏻

I was immediately impressed after slipping into my new Warmer Days swimsuit! The sherpa was perfectly stretchy and I love that I was also able to customize the color of the sherpa to match my skin tone.

It’s the little things, friends! 👏🏻

Surprisingly enough, the sherpa lining isn’t even bulky whatsoever and I feel just as sexy in their suits as any other regular ol’ swimsuit! It’s still blowing my mind! 🤯

Even better, I legit feel like I’m walking around wearing a cozy blanket, and if I’m being honest, I’m incredibly tempted to wear them 24/7 around the house.

Ready to get your hands on some of these swimsuits? 😍

Happy April Fools, Hip2Savers! 🤪

Disclaimer: No bathing suits were harmed during the making of this April Fools prank. 🤣