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Bolster Pet Beds from $3.49 on Amazon (Regularly $12.99) | Great for Both Dogs & Cats

Keep your pets comfy with an Amazon deal!
Head over to Amazon where you can grab MidWest Bolster Dog Beds for as low as $3.49 (regularly $12.99) when you clip the digital coupons!

Bolster pet beds are great to use in your pup’s kennel or crate, or give them a cozy spot next to you on the floor or couch. They are completely machine washable and can be put on the dryer on low for easy cleaning. Cats love these bolster beds, too!
Check out these Bolster dog beds…

MidWest Bolster Dog Bed 22″ $7.48 (regularly $15.99) – available in 2 colors
Clip the $2.24 off digital coupon
Final cost $5.24!

MidWest Bolster Dog Bed 24″ in Cinnamon $9.83 (regularly $20.99)
Clip the $2.95 off digital coupon
Final cost $6.88!

MidWest Bolster Dog Bed 24″ in White $9.73 (regularly $20.99)
Clip the $2.92 off digital coupon
Final cost $6.81!

MidWest Bolster Dog Bed 18″ in Cinnamon $4.99 (regularly $12.99)
Clip the $1.50 off digital coupon
Final cost $3.49!

Prefer this bed in charcoal? It’s available from Amazon without a coupon for $4.19!

Check out these reviews…

Before I got this product, I was lining my 8-week-old puppy’s crate with towels. I was worried that a dog bed would be too difficult to clean if she had an accident. But, my puppy really did not enjoy sleeping on towels; she preferred to fall asleep on the floor outside her crate. I found this product and decided to give it a chance. Her crate is 18×24 inches, but I have a puppy divider in there, so I decided to get the size that was 18 inches on the long end. I placed it in her crate horizontally, and it fit perfectly.

As soon as I put this dog bed in her crate, she immediately showed a lot of interest and got in the crate to sniff it. For the first time ever, she self-elected to fall asleep in her crate! Now my puppy loves napping peacefully on this soft bed inside her crate. When she has accidents, I throw it in the wash along with her reusable peepee pads with a Tide Pod and a little bit of bleach, and it comes out like new. Plus, the lining at the bottom keeps her crate clean, so I only have one mess to clean. I love this product! I am already buying the larger size for the full crate, as she is growing quickly!

Our kitties love their window perches, but the egg crate foam padding was looking pretty ratty. Was on a search for a replacement of egg crate when I realized this was a much better substitute as it can be washed and is probably more comfortable. I used bed bands to keep it in place. I think they like these beds more.

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