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NEW Froot Loops Toothpaste Just 89¢ (My Kids LOVE This!)

Start your mornings right. 🙌🏻
A classic childhood favorite is now available for your daily personal care needs. I’m sharing how to score it cheap & why it’s now our favorite toothpaste!

Mornings aren’t just for eating the most delicious cereal out of a bowl. 😏 Plus, with our exclusive code, you can score this fresh deal for JUST 89¢ shipped!
Get fruity fresh with this deal!:

Froot Loops Toothpaste – $4.99
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Final cost JUST 89¢ SHIPPED!

Reimagine your mornings with the all-new Froot Loops toothpaste! 🤩

All three of my kids are huge cereal fans, but getting them to brush their teeth twice a day can be a serious battle. Who’s with me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Not only that, but the flavor of every other toothpaste we’ve tried hasn’t been a perfect fit for their tastebuds. So when I discovered the fun, new Froot Loops toothpaste (and all its amazing qualities), I knew we needed to give it a try ASAP! 😍 At the very least, it was sure to motivate my kiddos to brush their teeth and it would ultimately be a win, win for all! 👏🏻

Now, you all know I love my natural products, so I was shocked to learn the Froot Loops toothpaste is actually sugar-free, gluten-free, and dentist-approved! 😱 If that’s not impressive enough, it also boasts many other amazing qualities that even have me wanting to switch up my daily routine! 🤩

Here are the other reasons we’re switching to the new Froot Loops toothpaste:

No artificial coloring & flavors
No glycerin
No Flouride
Natural exfoliator
100% Biodegradable

Despite being sugar-free, we were all pleasantly surprised to experience the same fruity taste we all know and love! It’s actually mind-blowing given all of its thoughtfully natural components.

Better yet, I found the chunks of actual Froot Loops to be a great natural exfoliator (yet still gentle on the gums!) and easily break up all the built-up plaque for the days my kiddos may have skipped a meal…I mean brush. 😉

After giving this natural Froot Loops toothpaste a try, I’m sold for life! 🙌🏻
I loved Froot Loops cereal as a kid so it’s pretty cool to get to enjoy it again guilt-free as an adult and have a product my kids love just as much. Surprisingly enough, I’ve even noticed whiter teeth within the first week!

Even better, the taste seems to last all day long so I really feel like I get so much bang for my buck! But even then, with our exclusive deal, it’s truly a no-brainer even for occasional cereal eaters. 😌

Happy April Fools, Hip2Savers! 🤪