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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Body Wash & Scrub (Spice Things Up in the Shower!)

Now you can incorporate your favorite snack food into your shower!
Do you happen to love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Their new exfoliating bath wash is a firey game-changer in the shower. This new moisturizing body wash & scrub feels incredibly invigorating and is such a HOT way to start your day.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos body wash & scrub is infused with vitamins and minerals, hot chile essential oils, and tiny Cheeto crumb micro-beads for exfoliating dead skin.

It will make you feel moisturized, more alive, and darn SPICY!

This spicy body wash has been such a bold addition to my morning routine!
Your whole family will fight over this, so make sure to get everyone their own Cheetos Flamin’ Hot body scrub for the shower. I find that pairing my new body scrub with exfoliating gloves is an even more next-level exfoliating experience. The scent is insanely invigorating and spicy as well.

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Body Wash 8.5 oz. $6.94
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Final Cost: $5.13 shipped

My skin is left feeling clean, ultra-soft, smooth, and oh so HOT afterward. The benefits have honestly been unbelievable! I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to spice things up in the shower.

Disclaimer: Just be sure to avoid getting any in your eyes or personal areas. 

Happy April Fools, Hip2Savers! 🤪