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Your Fur Baby Can Now Travel in Luxury Thanks to Pup Pup & Away Pillows

Man’s best friend is now man’s best travel buddy.
Traveling can be “ruff” on pets. Any frequently traveling pet parent knows that our furry friends suffer from anxiety anytime they’re cruising on the road. That angst intensifies if you’ve ever flown with your pet. The level of unease they experience on a plane can be astronomical.

But fret no more because there’s a solution for Fido! The latest innovation from Doggo Industries solves this product with their Pup Pup & Away Pet Plane Pillows! Better yet, for a limited time, you can score one of these relaxation-inducing support pillows for only $13.58, regularly $15.98 — that’s an unheard-of $2.40 discount!

Get on board with this first-class find for Fido!
The anxiety-reducing Pup Pup & Away pillows guarantee your furry friend will have the best sleep and sweetest dreams during your trip. The inflatable pillow offers superior head and neck support, and you can inflate or deflate to your pet’s preference.

You can order these pet pillows in sizes XS through XL to get the perfect fit. Each pillow also has an adjustable strap to secure it in place so you don’t have to worry about your pet leaving it behind on the plane.

And it’s only the best for our 4-legged friends. The travel pillows are made with a soft outer fabric designed for their comfort. Best of all is that the outer covering is removable so you can wash away any drool or food spills.

Don’t let your pet suffer!
As a pet owner, I would do anything and everything I can to soothe my sweet pup’s discomfort, and I can say from experience this pet pillow makes all the difference. Give your pet the gift of comfort for all of your upcoming summer vacations. No more stiff necks or head bobbing in the car or on the plane. This travel pillow is guaranteed to give your pet the best travel experience!

Happy April Fools, Hip2Savers! 🤪