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Hangry Man Meals Just $9.99 Each (Regularly $21.99!)

Never experience a hangry man again. 
Hunger got you angry? If you or someone you know struggles with the onset of hanger, grab this hot deal to tide them over until their next meal!

What’s a Hangry Man Meal? 

Chances are if you’ve clicked on this post, you already know the struggle of dealing with hanger and are looking for a solution. The real question is, do you know how to stop it?

Hanger can hit a man at any time…in the middle of shopping with his wife at Home Goods, the airport, during his mandatory 5 PM Friday Zoom calls, the 57th trip to Target for the week…and the list could go on.

Thankfully, with just one of these travel-friendly Hangry Man Meals, you’ll be able to fill their belly with all the good vibes anytime, anywhere. 🙌🏻 These bad boys are packed full of protein and endless carbs so you can stop hunger and anger right in their tracks. 🤩

Here’s what’s included in each Hangry Man Meal:

3 Rotisserie chickens (free-range) 
2 Racks of ribs
4 Pounds of peas
5 Pounds of buttery sweet corn
2 Pounds of mashed potatoes
6 Fresh baked loaves of bread
25 Chocolate cupcakes

If that’s not enough to curb your appetite, we’ve got a hot deal for you that will have you wanting to clean off the shelves in desperation! With our exclusive promo code, you can score $12 OFF each Hangry Man Meal! 🤯

Here’s the deal, you happy seekers:

Hangry Man Meal – $21.99 
Use code STOPHANGER&BEHIP at checkout for $12 OFF!
Final cost just $9.99! 

However, shipping is only FREE when you spend $50+ so make sure to stock up on happiness to save even more! 

Buy 6 Hangry Man Meal – $131.94 ($21.99 each)
Use code STOPHANGER&BEHIP at checkout for $12 OFF EACH!
Shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more. 
Final cost just $59.94 SHIPPED for 6 Hangry Man Meals!

With this deal, that means you’ll get 18 rotisserie chickens, 12 racks of ribs, 24 pounds of peas, 30 pounds of corn, 12 pounds of mashed potatoes, 36 loaves of bread, and a whopping 150 chocolate cupcakes – ALL for under $60 SHIPPED! 😱
Here’s what Stetson had to say about Hangry Man Meals:

“I feel like a new man after eating a Hangry Man Meal. They’re filling, but nothing a hangry man won’t be able to finish just in time for his next Target trip. Honestly, after I’m done and the food has settled, I feel like I could ride laps around the store. In fact, there’s no store I don’t feel like going in (including ULTA). Wives will be doing themselves a favor grabbing as many of these meals as possible…and maybe grab a couple for yourselves too.” 😂

Happy April Fools, Hip2Savers! 🤪