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Etsy Sellers Plan to Strike in April as the Etsy Fees Raise by 30%

Etsy fees are higher than ever for Etsy sellers, and no one’s staying quiet about it. 

We have bad news for Etsy fans. 😟
The Hip team and I absolutely love buying all our custom gifts from Etsy (like our favorite Name Necklaces, Leather Drawer Pulls, and more!) It’s the perfect place to navigate custom gifts for loved ones and yourself. Those who create these items are super talented. These sellers and creators are who make Etsy, well… Etsy! That’s why we have to let you know that Etsy fees are planned to rise by 30% for sellers. As a result, the Etsy community is not staying quiet.

There’s now a petition to urge the CEO to cancel the Etsy seller fee increase.
A petition is circulating that urges Etsy not to go through with this raised fee. The petition on notes that after two years of a record-breaking $3 billion in sales, this 30% raise is not necessary. According to the article, Etsy, which is made of small businesses and shops, has been making more profit than it ever has.

It also emphasizes that many sellers may not be able to afford to sell their creations anymore due to this occurrence. Fees like this can make or break a small business, which is extremely unfortunate.

Etsy has a niche for everyone’s interests, so it breaks our hearts that the people who create such joy for us will be the ones paying the price. The original goal for the petition was 6,000 signatures, and it now has collected over 14,000 from both Etsy sellers and buyers!

To drive the point home, there is an upcoming boycott from Etsy sellers over the new seller fee increase.
Many Etsy sellers plan on halting all sales from April 11th through April 18th, and they’re also encouraging buyers to do the same. Only time will tell whether the CEO will reverse this decision prior to the strike or wait it out through the no-shopping week!

We’re curious to hear if any of our Hip readers are Etsy sellers. If so, what are your thoughts on this fee increase? Let’s hope our favorite Etsy sellers can continue what they do best while earning their fair share!

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