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My Under $30 Balmain Blazer Dupe Looks JUST Like the Real Thing

This Balmain blazer dupe is the newest addition to my closet!

In the market for a new blazer?
When it comes to more formal attire, I love the confidence that comes with a well-polished look. Even working remotely, there are mornings I still find myself eagerly getting up to put professional clothes on. Look good, feel good, right?! 🤩

And that’s where my latest Walmart purchase comes in. This blazer was brought up during a work convo and what immediately struck me was how similar it was to this popular Balmain blazer. I mean, it’s spot on. But, if you clicked through to check out the jacket yourself, you probably had just as much sticker shock as I did. Since my heart and my wallet cannot bear to pay what’s on the price tag, for now, Balmain stands as solely a fashion inspiration for me.

Balmain Classic Double-Breasted Blazer $2,450 (yes… that is the actual price)

Yeah, I don’t have $2,500 laying around either! However, I do have $30! Luckily, that Balmain blazer dupe we spotted was from, and now fawning over that gorgeous and sleek jacket, I just had to have it. It’s from a brand known as Attitude Unknown. I’ve never purchased anything from this brand before, but I was happy to order it and at least give it a try!

The original designer blazer is made 100% from wool, which would explain why it’s so expensive (on top of the Balmain name itself). This Balmain blazer dupe I’ve ordered is 60% Rayon, 33% Nylon, and 5% Spandex, so I was intrigued to know how it actually felt upon wearing it throughout the day.

Just look at how similar this blazer is to Balmain!

Attitude Unknown Women’s Metallic Button Blazer $29.98

The reviews of this Balmain Blazer dupe were pretty amazing, so I was ecstatic to get my hands on it. According to buyers, this blazer is well-made, comfortable, and flattering…sold! Sizes range from XS to XXL with 8 color options. Unfortunately, the sizing availability varies for each colorway, but keep an eye out if you don’t see your size. At first, mine wasn’t available, but after a few days, it was quickly restocked!

As mentioned, it comes in eight colors. Although I was tempted to be a bit more adventurous with my color selection, I decided to stick with classic black. It’ll match everything in my closet, and if I loved this one, I figure I can always order another color!

This Balmain blazer dupe is not a want, but a NEED!
Down to the cuffed buttons along the sleeves, this jacket looks exactly the same as the Balmain blazer! The shoulders are padded but not too aggressively (I’ve had blazers that raise my shoulders about three inches…I wish I was kidding 😆). I was worried it would be thin or have poor material but that wasn’t the case at all!

To be quite honest, it feels extremely durable and thick. It’s perfect to wear throughout spring weather, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing this throughout the summer as it could get a little toasty. It is a fitted blazer, but since I ordered a size M, it was a little roomy in some areas. I wasn’t willing to order a small because I’m 5’10 and am not a fan of short sleeves along my arms!

So, am I a fan of the blazer being a little too big? Overall, yes! As I said, I am used to ordering a larger size simply because I want it to be longer. While I may have loved this blazer to be a little more fitted, I still love the way it fits. Roominess is a small price to pay for a happy tall gal!

Seriously, are we going to deny it looks like I’m ready to take on the world?! 🤣
It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work! I had to share my love of this blazer with all of you because it exudes confidence (and side note, Walmart nor Attitude Unknown is paying me to say this). Let me know any other business-casual favorites you have in your closet since this is just the beginning of my expansion.

This blazer is just another piece of proof that once again you don’t need to spend a million bucks to look like it. Or, in this case, $2,450. 😎

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