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This Prescription-Saving Service is Free of Charge | Get up to 80% Savings on Your Medications!

Never pay full price for your prescriptions again thanks to SingleCare.

Let’s talk prescriptions on a budget…
I’m sure we’ve had first-hand experience of how pricey prescriptions can be. Although medications are necessary, you still shouldn’t have to overpay. Thanks to SingleCare, you may never have to pay full price for another prescription again!

I want to emphasize that SingleCare is not health insurance. If you do have insurance, you will most likely get a better rate than without it. However, SingleCare can be less expensive than even an insurance co-pay, so it’s always worth checking. If you don’t have any access to health insurance currently, this prescription savings site is a must. Depending on the medication, you may never pay full price again!

So, what is SingleCare?
SingleCare is a prescription-saving service that’s free of charge! You can save up to 80% on your medications, which can mean prices that are even cheaper than through some health insurance. 😱 SingleCare is accepted at 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, too. CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Kroger are just a handful, so it’s likely your pharmacy accepts it!

Not only that, but it’s super simple to browse the rates of your medication. You just enter the name of your prescription and customize the dose and quantity. You’ll see the different prices of each pharmacy, and from there, you can download the free SingleCare coupon, which can be shown digitally or printed.

Upon arrival, show your coupon to the pharmacist who will enter the number from the coupon card. Your savings will then be applied, and you’ll enjoy your prescription at a discounted rate!

SingleCare vs. GoodRx
Here, I searched* for a medication called Lisinopril which can treat high blood pressure.

CVS, no insurance, with GoodRx card: $12.96
CVS, no insurance, with SingleCare card: $0, with SingleCare account sign up

*Note that this price comparison was made on April 11, 2022 and prices may fluctuate. 

I mean…FREE?! This medication is affordable with GoodRx. But, with SingleCare, it was free without insurance, with the same dosage, and at the same pharmacy location! 🤯
Check out the breakdown among other pharmacies for Lisinopril:

I will say that I didn’t see huge savings for every medication on the market, but I have noticed that these prices fluctuate. One of the things I like about SingleCare is they actually mention which medications they have the best offers for on their home page. This seems to change frequently, but remains helpful as these promotions make your medication even more affordable!

They offer discounts on over 10,000 medications, so unless it’s urgent, see if you can wait a day or two to see if the price budges on your prescription. You might be shocked at the unexpected savings!

To browse their rates on the go, make sure you download the SingleCare app, available for both iOS and Android!

There’s more to SingleCare than the pharmacy savings card!
Aside from promotions, SingleCare also has a rewards system! When you first sign up and create an account, you’ll instantly get $5 off your next eligible prescription. From there, you’ll earn a $1 credit for every eligible prescription filled with your SingleCare card. This increases your savings even further!

SingleCare offers discounts and rewards for all your prescription needs, so why not give it a try? Let us know if you’re able to save big on your medication too!

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