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Want Fake Plants That Look Real? Check Out Our Team’s Favorite Faux Finds!

Find fake plants with realistic foliage that will fool your friends!

Spruce up your home with fake flowers and plants!
The fake flower industry is taking off and it’s easy to see why! Gone are the days of tacky plastic greenery. Today’s options are high-quality and realistic. Adorn your home with silk, velvet, or even hand-painted faux plants!

There are tons of reasons to go artificial and several members of our team already have. You’ll save money and time, skip the allergies, and always have a plant that matches your style. Artificial flowers are looking so fantastic these days that people are even using them for wedding bouquets and decorations. Want to find out how faux can be fabulous? Let us help!

These are our team’s favorite fake plants & where to buy them:

1.  Collin loves the realistic and chic faux ficus trees from Target.

This fake tree sure fooled me! The lush foliage and realistic trunk give this plant a truly natural look. We’re not the only ones who think so either! Collin’s tree above was so popular that it’s currently out of stock.

72″ Artificial Ficus Tree Threshold In Woven Pot designed by Studio McGee – $150

Luckily, Target offers an almost identical one from Studio McGee that comes in a beautiful woven pot. These trees can bring a little more life to any room.

2.  Dress up your front door with the team’s favorite eucalyptus wreath from Walmart.

Noble House Dore Eucalyptus Silk Wreath 24.5″ – $23.95

Sara was the first team member to buy this silk wreath. It looked so great displayed on her door that Emily and Liza scooped one up too! They were all impressed by how realistic the wreath appeared. It’s a timeless and versatile design that can be used all year round and we love the price too!

3.  Lina scooped up this stylish fiddle tree from Hobby Lobby.

Green Tree Botanicals Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree – $119.99

Hobby Lobby carries all kinds of fantastic faux plants including this artificial fiddle leaf fig tree. It’s a stunning piece that stands 5 feet tall. This faux version is so much easier to care for than the real thing. Lina recently bought one and we love the way it looks!

It’s so realistic and trendy – a really stunning piece that is also affordable!” – Lina, Hip2Save team

4.  Shane has been enjoying this affordable hanging plant from Amazon.

Whonline Artificial Hanging Plant Indoor or Outdoor – $13.99 (regularly $18.99)

We’re wild over the dreamy dripping leaves of this hanging plant. Shane snagged his off Amazon and it looks as great on the shelf as it does hanging from a hook. Over 2 feet long, this plant is realistic and super affordable. We think it’s one of the best fake plants on Amazon!

5. Emily (and her cat) are happy with this faux ficus tree from Wayfair. 

Birch Lane 72″ Artificial Ficus Tree In Basket – $135

This gorgeous faux ficus tree stands a whopping 6 feet tall! We can’t get over the full and lush foliage or the bohemian chic wicker basket. This fake tree looks clean and high-end. You would think a professional interior designer picked it out!

“My mom bought me a faux ficus tree from Wayfair because she knows I’m awful with plants. 😂 I’ve developed more of a green thumb since but I am grateful every time I look at this tree in my living room knowing it looks as beautiful as the day I got it, no thanks to any watering efforts by me! It’s also great since I have a cat and I’ve heard the sap from ficus trees can cause petstomach issues if ingested. I doubt she would ever chomp at it if it were real, but who knows!” – Emily, Hip sidekick

6. Collin LOVES this realistic rubber plant from Target.

Threshold Designed By Studio McGee 6″ X 4.5″ Artificial Purple Rubber Plant – $30

Rubber plants are really popular. Not only are they pretty but they have an interesting texture too. Now you can enjoy one without the upkeep! This faux rubber plant from Target mimics the real thing. It’s less than 3 pounds and can liven up any room. Collin loves hers!

7.  Visit Hobby Lobby for realistic fake flowers like these magnolia stems Sara found.

Botanic Artistry Silk Cream Magnolia Stem – $6.99

Create your own beautiful bouquet with these realistic magnolia stems that Sara found at Hobby Lobby. We love the artistic details of these artificial flowers and find the style to be elegant and timeless. Plus, the creamy white coloring is neutral and can match almost any decor!

8.  Emily’s adorable hanging eucalyptus plant is absolutely charming. 

Hanging Eucalyptus Bush – $17.99

A cascading plant is always eye-catching! Emily scooped up this natural-looking eucalyptus plant and paired it with a pretty decorative pot she found at Hobby Lobby. We love the color of this plant and the realistic details on the leaves. It hangs 31″ and looks exceptionally stunning on the mantle or a shelf!

9. If you’re a sucker for succulents, don’t miss out on Hobby Lobby’s selection.

Succulent In Chevron Pot – $15.99

Love succulents? These green and purple Echeveria Elegans make effortless decorations. The arrangement includes rocks and a terra cotta pot. We love how the chevron design makes these cute succulents stand out!

Hip Tips for displaying artificial plants:

For a realistic look, buy polymer or silk real-touch plants.

Avoid colors that don’t appear in the natural world.

Style your plant in water or a vase to appear more lifelike.

Gently fluff your plant to spread out the foliage.

If placing in direct sunlight, consider buying UV-resistant products.

Mix in with real plants to really fool guests into wondering which are real and which are faux!

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