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Here’s What Our Hip Team Has Been Up to Off the Clock in April

Here’s what our Hip2Save team members have been up to when we’re not hard at work.

We’re back with more exciting behind-the-scenes at Hip! 
We’re continuing our super fun off-the-clock Hip series and giving you all a sneak peek into our lives behind the scenes every month!

Whether it’s something we’re buying, something we did, or how our lives are ever-changing, we’re bringing you along for the journey with us!

Many of us celebrated Easter with our families and took a day to relax. 

If you celebrate Easter, we hope you had a blessed day with your family enjoying great food and company! As for Shane, he’s already managed to get settled in the new home he purchased last month so he was lucky enough to host his family for Easter dinner! Congrats again, Shane! 

Gary made it to see the Easter bunny and is back to living the good life.

We sure did have a scare with Gary last month, but the guy is already back to living the life and got to see the Easter bunny just in the knick of time! He was quick to take advantage of the free PetSmart photo deal and we’d say it was a success. 🙌🏻 Gary’s so brave. 😊

Lina’s family had an egg decorating contest and she took second place.

We love a great tradition and every year Lina and her family participate with friends in a fun egg decorating competition. While she didn’t take first place as she has in the past, we still think she won big time with this cute sheep egg! 🤩 Leave it to Lina to create something simply amazing! 😍

Kaitlyn went to Puerto Rico and enjoyed so much yummy food and good times. 

Warmer weather has us chasing fun getaways and Kaitlyn soaked up the sun with family and her boyfriend in Puerto Rico! After seeing all her waterfall and delicious food pictures, I’m pretty sure we’re all looking to book a flight to an island soon! 🛫

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Emily and her guy went to Marco Island in Florida with her entire family.

Emily has been frequenting Florida a lot lately since her boyfriend’s parents live there and always welcome them with open arms and a sunny place to stay. However, this past month they went with her entire family (parents, brothers, and kids, too!) and soaked up as much sun as she could before making her way back to snow in New York.

Who else is chasing sun rays right now?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

I went to an off-grid shipping container and explored the Catskills. 

While I didn’t take off on a plane like Emily and Kaitlyn, my other half and I did a quick trip to the Catskills via car (and thankfully didn’t run into any snow). I’m all about the experience when traveling so I was stoked when we found this off-grid shipping container. The lights were solar and battery-powered, water was filled from our very own waterfall just a short walk away, and there was no cell phone or internet service.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time unwinding with zero distractions and are already looking forward to going back! 🤩

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When we got back we finally set up our big girl’s birthday surprise.

Remember when I shared this awesome Facebook Marketplace find?! 😍 After the deal I got on this bed (plus selling a few items myself), I paid just over $100 for this nearly new Pottery Barn loft bed when all was said and done. A $2,000+ savings! 🤩

My mom took the kids camping and when they got back we had the most epic surprise waiting for her 6th birthday. It sure was worth the wait. Grandma for the win!

Oh, and we totally transformed a family heirloom dresser in under 20 hours and for only $10.

My girl has been asking to paint her dresser ever since we moved so I knew we had to make it part of her room reveal. (Can ya blame her?). 😅 With a little bit of chalk paint and affordable new hardware, this piece was transformed in less than a day and with very little effort! Oh, how I love chalk paint! 👏🏻

Funny enough, the chalk paint was delivered very banged up making it nearly impossible to reseal the lid after we used it. After getting a full refund to compensate, it made this DIY project almost FREE! 🤩

Lina surprised her son with a sweet, new ride for his birthday. 

While we’re on the topic of birthday surprises, check out what Lina and her hubby hooked their son up with! 🤩 It’s no news the car industry is WILD right now, so they feel very fortunate to have scored this car used from her dad’s girlfriend who happened to use it for Uber and delivering Instacart orders. Despite having high mileage, it sure is a luxurious treat and one birthday we know they won’t ever forget! Safe travels, Gabe!

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Emily had an amazing home project come to fruition before she booked it to Florida.

Speaking of projects, remember when Emily said she was doing a mantel in an awkward space in her living room? (Shown above). Her drawing had us all anxious to see the final results, and she’s partway there after her mantle installation. 😍

The even more impressive part is that she did it all herself and got her mantel even cheaper by opting for an open box! Even better, if you’re loving this look you can buy her mantle, white ceramic planter, candle holder, duck art print, and faux greenery ALL online! 😍

Hip Tip: I shared how I got an open box coffee table FREE and tons of other ways I maximized every purchase in my new home.

Jen is making progress in her kitchen and shared a sneak peek of the best part.

We know you’re likely anticipating after photos of Jen’s long-time-coming kitchen project, but they’re still in the midst of getting it wrapped up. Luckily, they do have counters, a backsplash, and have the most important part nearly complete – the coffee bar! 🤩 And now we’re all wondering how we can fit one in our kitchens too. It’s looking amazing, Jen! 👏🏻

Angie and her hubby won the cool parent award this month. 

Angie and her hubby made the most out of their kiddo’s Spring Break and took them and their friends to Lagoon in Utah! It was a 5-hour trek to the amusement park but they made so many priceless memories!

The rest of our Hip team is basically looking to get adopted before their next trip. 😉

Alli and her boyfriend took a trip to Shenandoah National Park.

Apparently, April has us all looking for places to get away because so many Hip sidekicks were traveling this month (I promise we worked too). 🤣

The mountains were calling so Alli and her boyfriend went on a trip exploring Virginia, Luray Caverns, and even hiked the highest peak in Shenandoah National Park where they were staying.

They even had enough time to make a pit stop on their way down to see the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. which is one of the best times of year to visit our nation’s capital! 😍

Melinda’s 4th-grade daughter played a role in a high school play.

I don’t know many young kiddos brave enough to be in a play (let alone a high school one), but this girl knocked it out of the park! Melinda’s daughter was the munchkin in The Wizard of Oz and after three shows in one weekend, she’s already looking forward to her next performance! Way to go girl! 👏🏻

Kaitlyn was dreaming about a new car at the International Auto Show.

Speaking of shows, Katelyn’s Dad took her to the New York International Auto Show! As a New Yorker she never really needed a license, but just this last month she finally gained her freedom! Of course, the auto show isn’t necessarily the best place to shop for your first car 😆, but if you’re a fan of show-stopping cars, this is one event you don’t want to miss!

Angela’s daughter looked absolutely stunning at her senior prom.

Like many parents of seniors, you may be planning one of the most exciting days of their high school career. We can hardly believe Angela’s daughter is a senior and just went to her senior prom! 😍

She looked absolutely gorgeous on her special day, but of course, Gary tried stealing the show. 😂

I mean, look at this guy! 🤩 The seniors welcomed Gary with open arms before they hit the dance floor and we’re pretty sure she and her friends had the cutest group ever with Gary in tow. 😉

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Jen showed off her impressive plant collection. 

Any plant lover will be envious of Jen’s impressive indoor collection and she already has tomatoes to show for it! 😍 We know what Jen’s busy doing in her free time while she patiently waits for her last-minute kitchen details to come together.

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Well, Hip2Savers, on that note, we’re going to get back to bringing you all the hippest deals on the internet!
Keep an eye out in May with some more fresh Hip news! 🌷