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Here’s What Hip Readers Have Been Buying in April

Check out these April reader recommendations from your fellow Hip2Savers!

Ever wonder what your fellow Hip2Save readers are buying? 🤔
We sure do! So we asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite recent purchases and we got so many fun responses! 😍

Whether it’s a deal spotted on Hip2Save, a product recommendation you wanted to share, or a fun splurge you’ve been saving up for, we’ve really enjoyed seeing how you’ve been spending your hard-earned money!

If you missed our March reader recommendations, you can find that post here!

Here are a few highlights from our Facebook discussion:

Our readers love the Ninja Foodi NeverStick cookware set.

Ninja pans!! Never spent more than $100 for a set of pans but it was more than worth it, best investment ever!! I could not be more impressed! I never realized how much of a difference pans could make. 😊 Krystal

Me too and I’m loving them. I waited until they were on sale at Kohls. I had a coupon and earned Kohl’s cash and rewards so it wasn’t too bad. – Carrie

They are the best. We debated about them and finally pulled the trigger. Love them!! – Kelly

Valerie scored a great deal on this towel warmer.

This towel warmer is amazing. I feel so pampered! It was a lightning deal from Amazon, so I got it for much cheaper. – Valerie

Amanda loves her new pancake & cupcake batter dispenser.

My pancake batter dispenser is pretty awesome! 🤩 I add mix-ins to the top of the pancake after I dispense the batter in the pan. – Amanda

Diana used a stretchy cover to breathe new life into her office chair.

This chair cover for my chair at work. Looks like a new chair without spending a ton of money!! I was shocked when I found it so cheap. Excellent quality too – Best money have I spent in a long time! – Diana

These Souper Cubes are a genius idea for freezing portion-controlled meals.

My Souper Cubes freezer trays. They are like giant silicone ice cube trays. They have a metal frame so they are stable. You can bake in them or freeze in them. Easy to pop out the frozen food, and then things store really well because they are in nice, neat bricks. If you have Instagram, give them a follow to see how people are using them. I got the one-cup trays and I am going to order the cookie dough trays. – Laurie

As the name implies, these are great for freezing soup and reheating later!

The Shark HyperAir IQ Hair Dryer is giving Dyson a run for their money!

The shark hairdryer. It dries my hair so much faster! I was hesitant to buy it but it’s worth every penny. – Sheryl

Me too! My hair took forever to dry before. Try it! I didn’t want to spend the dollars, but it has been worth it. – Tammy

Yes!!!! Love mine 😉 – Angie

Zox Bracelets are popular with readers of all ages.

Zox bracelets. They have inspirational quotes on them and they have new releases weekly. They are so addictive! They also have monthly subscriptions and feel-good packs. – Adrianne

Love them! I have a few. – Lisa

Never heard of them, but checked them out & OMG – how awesome are those?! Got some for my kiddos. 💕 Thanks for sharing! – Sarah

Readers love this splurge-worthy Macstack Mascara.

Hands down my favorite mascara EVER. It works sooooo good for me! – Sara

I have it and love it as well – Kristina

I’ve always bought drugstore brands until this came out. I love it! – Marisol

We’re heading into peak season for backyard birdfeeders!

Simple as it sounds, a bird feeder. We’ve seen finches, doves, robins, blackbirds, chipmunks, and squirrels visit our feeder so far. 😊 I have two rowdy boys (ages 2 and 4) and it’s nice to see them pause and watch the wildlife. – Aimee

I love my bird feeder. I had a morning dove for the first time today. – Lee

Same! Got one for my kids as well and we love it! – Brittany

 Yaaas!! Us too!! – Becky

Tammy’s new Sand Cloud Beach Towels have us excited for summer!
Sand Cloud is often touted as the world’s best beach towel, and fans of this company definitely seem to agree! Made from sand-resistant, ultra-absorbent, sustainable Turkish cotton, these towels sound like the perfect companion for a day at the beach.

My Sand Cloud beach towels! 😍 The sand literally falls off of them. So easy, no sand comes in the house, and they’re also cute!Tammy

When it comes to happiness in the kitchen, sometimes it’s the little things… like Dawn Platinum EZ-Squeeze.

As odd as it may sound, the new Dawn Platinum Easy Squeeze bottle!!! ❤ ❤ Now you don’t have to flip the cap open to use the bottle or have to use another container to get the last bit out! Saw it on YouTube recently and it jumped in my cart the second the commercial was over. It’s refillable, too! Dawn has always been good at having its containers be refillable. – Stephanie

 I just bought it today… love it! – Kim

I came here to write the same thing! It’s awesome! – Kasey

I just bought that too….and love it! – Roxanne

I bought this too! LOVE it!!!! – Cynthia

Many of our readers have discovered that they prefer Ninja over Keurig!

My Ninja coffee system and Cuisinart grinder… Coffee is so much better than with the Keurig! – Laura

Yes! We just got a dual brew and I love that we can do a full pot or individual! – Paige

 Same thing- tossed that Keurig right out & fresh grind my coffee now – so much better! – Christine

I agree! Just swapped from Keurig and am so glad we did! – Lauren

 I agree. It’s great coffee every time! – Michelle

Every kitchen should have these easy-to-clean and easy-to-store Silpat baking mats.

My Silpat baking mats. No more washing cookie sheets or toaster oven pans! – Dee Dee

I love these too! – Renee

Quick-Zip sheets are a brilliant solution for anyone who hates to wrestle with their fitted sheet!

I bought a Quick Zip bottom sheet. Life changed! You just have to zip off the top part that you sleep on, wash it, and zip it back on. It takes maybe 30 seconds to put our bottom sheet on our king-size bed now. This is WAY more than I would normally pay for just a bottom sheet. They are pricey, but after having them since August, I can say without a doubt it’s worth it! Also, they are very good quality. It’s not something where it’s cheap material but the markup is for the convenience factor. One of us can get the sheets out of the dryer and have our king bed made in a matter of minutes. Works well when you wash sheets on Saturday and then completely forget they are in the dryer until you are ready for bed! 😬Amber

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their April reader recommendations with us! If you missed getting the chance to add your recent purchases to the discussion, feel free to share them in the comments below, or join the conversation over on Facebook!

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Reader comments may have been edited for length or clarity.