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Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus Hair Dryer Brush Just $24.44 on (Reg. $59)

Curious about the new Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus Hair Dryer Brush and how it measures up to the original?! I’m sharing all the deets and the best price! 

Just when you thought your hair dryer brush combo couldn’t get any better, it did!
The original Revlon volumizer was a hair game changer for tons of people, including me, when it first became popular. The idea that you could achieve an effortless salon blowout in less time while also adding lots of volume AND right at home sort of blew my mind!

I have thick hair with a frizzier texture, and having one of these tools to straighten and smooth my hair is fantastic. I have told many friends and family about it and even shared a review about it previously.

I love when brands listen to feedback and make changes accordingly. 👏 It sounds like this is just what’s happening here! I tested out the new version and highlighted some main differences between the original Revlon styler vs. the new 2.0 version. In case you haven’t jumped on the Revlon volumizer bandwagon yet, you’ll know this new one is another available option!

Best of all, the Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus Hair Dryer Brush 2.0 in Pink is currently on sale on for only $24.44 (regularly $58.88)!

Important note: In case you are wondering, this is not a sponsored review but rather a fun and informative post on a popular new product!

Here are the improvements made to the new Revlon One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0: 

The Plus 2.0 now has a detachable design that comes apart into two pieces for easier storage when traveling. The slimmer handle (pictured above on the bottom) also makes the dryer brush easier to hold.

The barrel of the Plus 2.0 brush is smaller at 2.4 inches vs 2.8 inches on the 1.0 version. Since I have shorter hair, I noticed it was easier for me to use the smaller barrel and less cumbersome. I can get closer to the root of my hair for more volume.

They added an additional MEDIUM heat setting to the Plus 2.0! It now has a low, medium, high, and cool setting to avoid overdrying your hair.

The new Plus 2.0 version is now made with ceramic titanium technology vs. ceramic ionic technology. Titanium tourmaline helps reduce & protect against heat damage.

You can also find the new Revlon One-Step Plus Volumizer in various colors at these retailers:

Amazon – from $34.49 shipped $44.99 shipped $74.99 shipped

Consider these two additional tips when using any dryer brush like this.
To avoid damaging your hair, you’ll want to include a heat protectant spray first! I love the Drybar Prep Rally primer spray. It’s very lightweight and helps create smooth hair while protecting it from heat. For a drug store option, my daughter likes this Garnier Fructis heat protectant mist with similar results at a lower price point.

Another tip is to towel dry wet hair first and let your hair air dry somewhat before using a blow dryer brush. This way you use the blow dryer brush for less time overall and basically use it to finish your style. I try to only wash and dry my hair a few times per week and think that helps it stay healthier, too!

If it wasn’t obvious, I am really impressed with these improvements!
For me, the medium heat setting and smaller barrel are fantastic. Overall, the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus definitely gets my stamp of approval and makes me excited to use it. After testing this tool a few times, I’ve decided it does a great job on my hair and is comfortable to use.

The result is a consistently smooth blow-dry with shiny volume. Although it’s priced higher than the original version, definitely consider it if it’s in your budget!

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