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These Hey Dude Shoes Amazon Lookalikes Bring Laid Back Vibes at a Laid Back Price (As Low As $15!)

These Hey Dude Shoes Amazon lookalikes have the cool & casual look for half the price!

Hey, dude! These sneaker swaps will save you some scratch.
Everyone seems to be talking about Hey Dude shoes, but it’s not surprising their appeal. These everyday shoes are easy breezy to slip on and they are soooo comfy. The problem is that one pair of these loafers will cost you around $60. 🙅‍♀️ But you don’t have to miss out on this trend if that sneaker sticker price sends you looking elsewhere. Save up to 55% with some of our favorite Hey Dude Shoes Amazon lookalikes!

1. Try firelli shoes for Hey Dude Shoes Amazon lookalikes at half the price.

firelli Womens Casual Slip-on Canvas Loafer – $31.99

These stylish loafers look almost exactly like Hey Dudes but are almost half the price! Each one is lightweight with a cushioned footbed (just like the Hey Dude originals) and comes in six different color choices.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“I thought I bought a pair of Hey Dudes but they are something else. I can’t tell the difference except for the name is missing but they are super comfortable and cute and cost half the price. I’m happy with them.” – Amy

2. These starmerx slip-on loafers are just like Hey Dudes right down to the laces.

starmerx Women Canvas Loafers – $30.99

These affordable lookalikes are really cute! Like Hey Dudes, starmerx shoes are comfortable and durable. Plus the design hits all the marks with the speckled sole, canvas upper, and thin laces. The company offers a wide variety of bright colors, including yellow and pink.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“Very true to size and comfy! These are a great swap for Hey Dudes and they’re much cheaper. Love mine so much!” Kendra

3. Bruno Marc loafers are a hit with both men and women.

Bruno Marc Women’s Slip-on Canvas Loafers – $36.99

This frugal fashion company makes excellent Hey Dude lookalikes for both men and women. Bruno Marc loafers are breathable, soft, and comfortable. They have a fashionable design with rolled stitching and a padded collar. Best of all, these shoes are almost $25 less than your typical pair of Hey Dudes.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“The quality of the shoes looks identical to a pair of Hey Dudes. If you are on the fence about buying a pair. Buy them it’s a very good purchase and you will not be disappointed.” – Jimmy

4.  BENEKER shoes look like Hey Dudes but cost under $30. 

BENEKER Women’s Slip-On Loafer Shoes CanvasStarting at $26.99

You’ll save BIG when you buy these Hey Dude Shoes Amazon lookalikes! These canvas loafers are made of breathable material for a lightweight and fresh feel. The no-slip outsole was designed for stability and balance. Choose between 8 different colors & patterns!

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“I bought my usual size and they fit perfect, they are extremely comfortable. Will be buying another color in these. Just like Hey Dudes only a lot cheaper in price!”Heather

5. Men can score a pair of GEORGE loafers for around $15.

George Men’s Lightweight Casual Slip-On Beach Loafer – $14.98 (regularly $17.84)

It’s tough to pass up loafers at this price point! These comfortable shoes come with a memory foam insole, canvas upper, and padded rim. These cozy Hey Dude Shoes Walmart lookalikes are about $45 cheaper than a real pair!

Here’s what one Walmart customer had to say:

“My son usually has to have an extra-wide in boots. He loves how these fit. He has plenty of width in them and their $14.98. They are good quality and I honestly believe they outlast name brand Hey Dudes which are $70. This is the 4th pair I have bought him.”Katie

6. FW FRAN WILLOR loafers for men are pretty much identical to Hey Dude sneakers.

FW FRAN WILLOR Men’s Slip-On Casual Loafers – $42.97

This company aims to give you a barefoot experience with these lightweight loafers. Stylish and durable, these shoes are great for everyday use. If you have any issues with the shoes within the first 180 days, the company offers a full refund or a replacement pair!

“All in all, I am pleased with these shoes. They are a good alternative option to Hey Dudes.” – Calvin

7. Vayfio slip-on loafers are cute and affordable.

Vayfio Slip-on Shoes Women Canvas Fashion Loafers – $31.99

The pretty patterned inner lining of these Hey Dude lookalike loafers is what makes them stand out. These comfortable slip-on loafers are perfect for any casual occasion, and the neutral color options allow these shoes to pair nicely with a variety of outfits.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“I would purchase these again. They are very comfortable and are very close to the name-brand slip on’s. For the price, it’s a great product.” -Alex S.

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