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HUGE 65″ Mid Century Modern TV Console Just $188 on (+ How I Styled Mine)

Shopping for a new TV console? This Walmart one looks high-end but is SO affordable! 

Hello, TV console of my dreams! 😍
I was in the market for a new TV console for at least a year, so after finally pulling the trigger on this Gap Home mid-century console from Walmart, I can say beyond ANY doubt that it has checked off all my boxes… and then some!

What’s a reasonable price you would pay for a TV stand? Specifically for a 65″+ TV?

My Pinterest board was loaded with midcentury modern & boho style stands priced up to $2,000 so after seeing this showstopper from Walmart, my immediate thoughts were: raised legs✔️, oak accents✔️, large size for my 65″ TV✔️, multi-compartment storage✔️, and multiple color options (the choice between black or white was a struggle)✔️.

I know that Gap Home is a new, trendier, but still affordable Walmart brand. And having purchased a farmhouse-style TV stand 3 years ago from for around $220, my initial guesstimate was roughly $300 for the absolute lowest I would find for a TV stand moderately meeting my needs (but likely lacking in areas even at that price).

But the actual price of this gem of a TV stand I picked up? Under $200!

Gap Home Mid-Century Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ in Black & Oak- $188 SHIPPED (regularly $215)!

I am still in shock that I paid less than $200 for this living room must-have that is pure PERFECTION for my taste! Truthfully, I would have paid more now knowing the amazing value of this Walmart TV console, even when compared to the high-end lookalikes I had been eyeballing.

I challenge you to do a quick Google search of either ‘midcentury modern tv stands‘ or ‘boho tv stands‘ and I’m sure you’ll find the first suggestions will all be more expensive than this Gap Home one!

Not so easily sold on first looks & unbeatable price?

Let’s talk WHY I love this Walmart Gap Home TV Console so much…
This TV stand keeps the pace with midcentury modern trends that certainly aren’t going out of style anytime soon! HOWEVER, with its clean lines, super functional storage, and simple color scheme I think it could match a variety of decor styles from minimalist to vintage, boho, and many more. Plus, there are two color options to choose from!

In fact, this TV stand is SO versatile and SO beautiful, I’ve been having a blast trying all different ways to style it. I am NO interior designer by any means, but with just a few signature pieces, I fall in love each time I try a different way to style it!
My consensus: it’s not me, it just looks GOOD! 😂🙌🏼

BONUS: I can even finally accept my husband’s “must-have” soundbar on top of this TV stand, and not be totally horrified! 🤣🤣

Two words: hidden storage.
Between cable boxes, video game consoles, DVDs, photo albums, and tons of other unsightly odds and ends that gravitate towards the TV table in a home, hidden storage is a must for me – and this one has plenty of it!

There are four inner shelves that run the entire length of the table, so you know you’re getting the full 58″ of space. Plus, each shelf is a generous 15″ deep! I have been able to store everything from a thick, chunky knit blanket folded up, 12″ storage bins, my laptop, and tons of DVDs and video games with room to spare!

Then I simply slide the doors and voila – NO MORE MESS! The ultimate aesthetic! While most TV stands do have doors/ drawers of some sort, I think this no-knob design is even more appealing to the eye. For me, the lack of knobs or handles says decorative piece, not storage item, which to me, elevates the look of your TV area overall.

Don’t have quite as much to store? This TV console looks oh-so-stylish even with the doors open, which is SO RARE!

When I say the possibilities are endless, my friends, I really mean it! Plus, if you’re one that loves to constantly rearrange their space (like I do) it’s so nice that you can open and close these sliding doors for a whole new look without buying a new table!

AND if you need even more convincing, I couldn’t help but LOVE these features too…

Rounded corners: much more kid-safe!
Four elevated legs: easier to clean underneath + makes the area seem more ‘open’- great for small spaces like mine!
Hidden door lip: easy to slide open doors, but unnoticeable.
Easy to assemble: no need to explain this huge win!
Free 2-day shipping on orders $35+
Three trendy color options: the all-black is showing out-of-stock now, but my black/oak one came back in stock after about a week of being OOS, so keep checking back!

Like most savvy shoppers, I try my best not to make hasty purchases, especially on pricier furniture items, but after having an awkward TV console that didn’t match my living room decor AT ALL for almost a year, I was getting close to justifying “just buying it”.

This Walmart TV console saved me from overspending, and still looks so HIGH-END! It’s truly everything I wanted in a TV console at a price that made both me and my wallet happy. 🤗

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