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Dossier Perfume Dupes Are Up to 90% LESS Than Designer Scents, & Here’s My Fave…

Dossier dupe perfumes are an affordable alternative to pricey designer fragrances!

Everyone deserves to smell like luxury!
Thanks to Dossier perfumes, we can shop beautiful smelling fragrances inspired by high-end designers, that are also easier on the budget. If you are a fan of women’s perfume and men’s cologne from brands like Tom Ford, Lancome, and Gucci, you’ve gotta check out Dossier perfume!

Opt for the Dossier version of your favorite designer inspired perfume and save 70-90% off compared to their luxury branded counterparts!

What do Dossier perfumes really smell like? And do they really mimic their designer counterparts?
I ordered four highly-rated perfume dupes by Dossier from and was honestly impressed! I am drawn to light feminine powdery scents, so my selections had beautiful soft-smelling fragrances and were lovely to me. The online descriptions of each scent are fairly accurate too, which is helpful!

The packaging and bottle with magnetic caps are of nice quality and I love the simple labels for a streamlined look. Better yet, the scent lasted throughout the day without being too overwhelming or headache-inducing.

More reasons to consider Dossier perfumes:

These are made from clean ingredients for exceptional quality.
The perfume bottles are made from 100% recyclable and sustainable materials.
Dossier fragrances are paraben & phthalate-free, vegan & cruelty-free, colorant & UV filter free.

Dossier dupe perfumes are a fraction of the cost of their designer counterparts!

Dossier Citrus Green Apple – $29

Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue with notes of green apple, lime, jasmine, and cedarwood. 

Dossier Powdery Coconut – $39

Inspired by Tom Ford Soliel Blanco with notes of cardamom, jasmine, and coconut.

Dossier Powdery Orange Flower – $29

Inspired by Valentino Voce Viva with notes of mandarin, ginger, gardenia, and vanilla. 

Dossier Gourmond Orange Blossom – $29 

Inspired by Lancome La Vie est Belle with notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and praline.

Dossier Powdery Coconut is my favorite smelling scent out of the four I’ve ordered! 😊
I honestly don’t wear perfume a ton since I work from home, but sometimes I like to spritz some on for date night and for special occasions. As I mentioned, I personally tend to gravitate towards light powdery fragrances and the Powdery Coconut smells so pretty and kind of has beach vibes. The cardamom, jasmine, and coconut notes are sweet and perfect for summertime!

My Hip teammate Emily tried the Dossier dupe perfumes too and loves the neutral Musky Musk scent!
Inspired by the designer fragrance Juliette Has A Gun’s Not A Perfume, this scent has complex notes of Cetalox, Iso E Super, Habanolide, & musks. But I’ll let Emily explain it a bit more clearly! 😉

“Let me start by saying I am not a perfume person. Outside of wearing Curve in high school (anyone else do the same? 🙋‍♀️) and then Light Blue in college, I could never find a scent I could enjoy wearing routinely… until I found Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. I know it’s an odd name, but it’s really just that! This perfume doesn’t smell, well, perfume-y. It’s just a subtle blend of slightly sweet and slightly spiced scents. Honestly, it could almost even pass for a cologne so I’d call this more of a gender-neutral fragrance.

That said, even with how much I loved it, I could never bring myself to pay the outrageous retail price so I’ve gotten by on a travel size I very cautiously used so as to not waste a single drop.

But when I saw Dossier made a dupe perfume of that brand, I couldn’t order it fast enough! It is EXACTLY as I remember it and I love having the Dossier bottle more given its super minimal appearance. I happily spritz it each and every day knowing that when it eventually does run out, I’ll have no hesitation ordering another one.”

What happens if I don’t like my perfume?
Fragrance preferences are so personal and sometimes can be tricky to find your perfect scent. Dossier understands that, and you can return it for a refund under Walmart’s return policy. Plus when you purchase through you’ll receive FREE 2-day shipping and returns for purchases over $35!

If you need to stock up on your signature scent, look no further than Dossier luxury iconic fragrances for a fraction of the price.
Designer perfumes and cologne can cost over $100, so if that’s not in your budget, I’d for sure check out these high-quality Dossier fragrances! I even hope to purchase cologne from their men’s scents for my teen son as he has been asking for some. These could make a really great gift!

Check out all the Dossier fragrances on!