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I Ditched ALL My Old Pans for Caraway Cookware & I’m Not Sorry (+ $180 OFF for Mother’s Day!)

Find out more about the game-changing, clean cooking Caraway cookware. 

This cookware will actually make you love cooking. 🤩
Caraway cookware has been a game-changer in my kitchen. I’m sharing why your search for the perfect clean cookware (that’s truly non-stick) should be over.

Through May 15th, you can score up to $180 OFF your new Caraway Cookware set or shop other 20% OFF deals on their site for Mother’s Day! Even better, shipping is free on $90+ orders, so these sets will ship to your door for FREE! (Note that you can unselect the default package protection at checkout to save an additional $4.95.)

Check out this deal you can score…

Choose your Caraway Cookware Set (perracotta or any limited or iconic color) $395+ (regularly $545+)
Get an additional $35 OFF during their Mother’s Day Sale
Final cost $356 SHIPPED!

That’s just $50.86 per piece of cookware + you’ll get an organizer and shipping for FREE!

*Sale is valid from April 23th, 2023 thru May 15th, 2023.

Not to brag, but I’ve made perfect meals ever since getting the Caraway Cookware Set… 😏

If you’re like me you may be tempted to fall for the latest cookware trends and I’m here to tell you this is one trend you’ll actually fall head over heels for. 😍 So, let go of any hesitations and second-guessing because it doesn’t get any better than Caraway. 🙌🏻 These pans are truly the best for all of your cooking needs, safe to say I am obsessed!

Did you know Caraway makes bakeware too? Here’s my full Caraway Bakeware review!

Now, I’m not one to bash another company publically, but I want all of you to know I previously fell for the Always Pan marketing. While I could write a novel about my sheer disappointment with this pan after dropping nearly $200, I’ll just keep it short and sweet by acknowledging its extremely poor non-stick capability, the disheartening green-washing I later learned about, and the lackluster quality overall.

Not to mention the bamboo steam baskets I bought to go with it almost caught fire twice… okay, I’m done. 😂

Thankfully, I was able to get a full refund. ❤️ All of that said, I couldn’t be more confident with my reasons as to why you should make this consciously-smart switch in your home.

Here are the top reasons you absolutely need a Caraway Cookware set:

1. They’re clean cooking like you’ve never had before. 

Unless you’re cooking with 100% stainless steel or solid cast iron (neither of which are nonstick) then you’re likely not cooking with clean and chemical-free cookware.

Did you know when Teflon and other traditional nonstick cookware reach high temperatures they leak chemicals into your food? 😳 You may not see them but it’s happening.

It’s time to break tradition and cook clean once and for all. 🙌🏻

Caraway cookware is free of PTFE, PFOA, PFA’s, and heavy metals and their products release up to 60% fewer CO2 emissions when produced compared to traditional non-stick cookware. So, good for you, your family, and the planet. 👏🏻

2. Caraway pans are truly nonstick…even without butter or oils.

Eggs are my jam and I eat them daily so having a safe nonstick pan that’s actually nonstick is a must-have for me.

Caraway cookware is designed with non-stick ceramic that’s not only completely chemical-free but is legit nonstick. I’m talking about cracking-an-egg-into-a-bare-pan-and-flipping-it-seamlessly-without-a-drop-of-butter kind of nonstick. 👏🏻🤯. Every time I do this I am completely amazed at how easy it truly is!

While I still tend to add a tiny bit of oil for flavor, I have been blown away by the true nonstick capability of these pans. 👏🏻

On top of that, they have easily washed clean with very minimal effort on my end after every other meal I’ve whipped up so far…including my famous blackened fish tacos. 🙌🏻 And yes, they were my best ones yet…no joke. 😋

3. The pans and lids are durable, high-quality, and very well-made. 

It goes without saying this post wouldn’t be complete without bragging about the great quality. I was astounded by the heaviness of these pans and the lids in the best way possible. They’re truly built to last! 👏🏻

They didn’t stop there either. The aluminum core allows for extremely even heat conductivity and the stainless steel handles are comfortable and ergonomic to hold. They also work on gas, electric, or induction so it doesn’t matter what you’re working with at home because you’ll get perfect results every time whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef. 👌🏼

4. The set is easy to store anywhere in your kitchen.

Magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder are just the beginning of explaining how much sense this cookware makes. Do you even know any other brand that so thoughtfully planned how you’ll store your cookware daily?! I didn’t think so. 😏

Each pan has a stand and since they’re magnetic you can line them all together or slightly stagger them to your needs as I did.

Although my canvas lid holder didn’t fit inside my kitchen cabinet doors, I did find the perfect spot on the back of our basement door (directly across from our stove) and it even came with adhesive hooks for hanging it immediately. 🙌🏻

Caraway’s thoughtful organizing products they include in each cookware set have truly made all of my dreams come true and set themselves apart from every other brand. 😍

5. Your new Caraway cookware set will provide everything you need in your kitchen and then some. 

You can buy regular ol’ pots and pans or you can buy chemical-free Caraway cookware, save over $180, and get extras like organizers and two cork trivets.

I know which one I would choose. 😉

In all seriousness, the sizes of the pots and pans couldn’t be more perfect in the most minimalist way. 🙌🏻 To put it simply, they’re truly all you’ll need. 🤩

Here’s what’s in every Caraway Cookware set:

10.5″ Fry Pan
3 qt. Sauce Pan
4.5 qt. Sauté Pan
6.5 qt. Dutch Oven
Canvas Lid Storage (w/ adhesive hooks)
4 Magnetic Pan Racks
2 Cork Trivets
+ up to $100 gift card! 

6. They offer fantastic, must-have colors. 

I will be the first one to tell you that when you’re cooking every meal with your favorite color pots and pans it truly does make a difference. 😍 I’m not even someone who likes to cook but ever since getting my pretty cream-colored pots and pans, I actually look forward to making meals! 🤩 (And my whole family is thankful too.) 🤣

That said, if the cream set isn’t your jam, they also offer other eye-catching colors. From a stunning marigold (shown above) or brick red and even a handful of tasteful neutral cookware sets from Navy, Perracotta (a pinker version of terracotta), Gray, and Sage.

All in all, I couldn’t LOVE this cookware anymore than I already do! They have elevated my cooking experience for every meal I’ve made and they’re incredibly easy to clean so I don’t even dread dishes…as much. 😉 Not only that but I have peace of mind knowing my family’s food is safe from harsh chemicals.

If you’re not in the market, I guarantee you know someone who is which would make for an amazing group gift (it is wedding gift season after all)! So what are you waiting for?! 🤩

Get OVER $180 OFF when you buy a Caraway Cookware set NOW!

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