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Sing Along Crew Kids Plush Singing Machine w/ Microphone Just $19.99 on Amazon (Fun for Family Karaoke Night)

Beat boredom with the Sing Along Crew!

You’ll be surprised by what the Sing Along Crew toys can do!
Looking to entertain your family? My kids and I have thoroughly tested these Singing Machine Sing Along Crew Pets are pleasantly surprised by their quality ✔️ functionality ✔️ and FUN ✔️!

Now parents, I know what you’re thinking! 🤣

But in addition to not getting as loud as you might be dreading, these toys have been the ‘star of the show’ when it has been too hot (or cold!) to play outside, on road trips, and more! Plus, you can snag one for a steal!

Right now, you can score the Unicorn, T-Rex, or Panda Singing Machines for just $19.99 on Amazon (regularly $29.99)!

Oh the things we do for our kids, right!? 🙉 I even surprised myself a bit that I allowed having more than one of these singing machines in my house, but the truth is they’ve been the center of family fun & quite a few laughs lately, so I truly can’t complain.

My 4-year-old singing This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys is no doubt officially a core memory. ❤️

What exactly IS a Sing Along Crew toy?
If you couldn’t tell already, yes, it is a microphone attached to a cuddly plush pet with a built-in speaker in the foot. It features easy volume control buttons, record & playback functions, 2 soundtracks, and 2 sound effects with each pet! Plus, there are adjustable shoulder straps that transform this into a backpack for on-the-go karaoke fun. There’s even a velcro microphone holder too!

To me, Singing Machine has thought of everything when it comes to these toys! ❤️ No microphones hanging on the ground to potentially get damaged and the backpacks are SO LIGHTWEIGHT as opposed to chunkier plastic kids singing machines that you may be used to. The microphone is the perfect size for little hands and the buttons are super intuitive so that even young toddlers can figure out all the functions themselves.

It requires just three AA batteries to get started and I am SHOCKED by the battery life on these toys! We’re still using the same generic Target brand batteries that I put in these toys just about a month ago. That’s after using these singing machines everywhere… in the car, to multiple parties, and my kids constantly forget to turn them off!

I also love that each Sing Along Crew friend is unique! They each play different songs and sound effects, it’s almost worthwhile to ‘collect them all’ because you get a different singing experience with each.

And, seriously. The volume control is 🤌🏼 🤌🏼 🤌🏼

I wish I could describe to you how NOT loud these toys are! Even at their max volume, it’s not like I could hear my kids singing throughout the entire house. It’s just enough that they can hear their voices amplified and still feel like a star! The songs/sound effects (think a dinosaur roaring) 139495 times might get a little incessant, but that’s another story. 😂

They’re SO travel-friendly!
If there’s ever been a perfect place to belt out a song, it’s definitely in the car! 😆 And with summer road trips in full swing, there couldn’t be a better time to snag one of these Sing Along Crew pets!

The back straps leave their hands free so they can still carry their essentials, and walk to and from the car/ hotel with ease, plus these plush pets double as a cuddly head rest too!

I’m always looking for screen-free toy options to add to their toy chest and the Singing Machine friends lend themselves to endless social stories, plays, concerts, sing or read along, and more fun activities!

Plus, I have a natural affinity for all things performing arts ❤️ and you never know what young talents you might be inspiring😉
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