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This Reader Grows Her Own Veggies Without Buying Seeds!

Need more veggies?
With prices going up on everything, buying fresh vegetables in the supermarket can get pretty expensive. Plus, let’s face it – there is nothing better than eating or cooking with freshly-picked veggies and other ingredients.

This week’s Happy Friday reader Varsha knows this better than anyone! Read on to see how she’s stretching her grocery budget by growing a few of her own veggies without a separate trip to the store to buy seeds!

The last time I did this was about a month ago. I started growing bell peppers and Thai chili peppers plants! I bought bell peppers and then threw the seeds into a pot. After 1 – 2 weeks, a plant was growing nicely. Now after 4 – 5 weeks, it is almost fully grown!

We’re now waiting for chilies to grow. They will probably grow in about 1 – 2 weeks. Instead of buying seeds at the store, this is a better idea that you can do without any cost since you’re using the seeds from food you already have. Try this idea and grow your own veggies!

Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, Varsha! We can’t wait to see your veggies fully grown 🤩. We’ve had other readers in the past who have also grown their own produce, and it’s a fantastic idea. This method also made our list of ways the Hip team saves money – yes, growing your own produce can save you up to $100!

If you need a more in-depth guide, this article by Eating Well is super helpful, and you can follow these instructions in your kitchen!

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