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Halloween Squishmallows are Scary Cute | Here’s Where to Find Them!

Halloween Squishmallows are flying off store shelves so hurry to the store while they last!

Celebrate the season with Halloween Squishmallows! 🎃👻
Autumn is here and Halloween Squishmallows have been sneaking off store shelves faster than you can say, “Hocus Pocus”. If you want a spooky, cheerful, or festive fall decoration, a Halloween Squishmallow is the perfect addition to your holiday collection. Plus, like Beanie Babies, some of these Squishmallows are considered rare collector’s items!

If you or your child is a fan of these popular plush toys, you know that they won’t stay on the shelves long. We have all the scoop on where to buy Squishmallows and which ones to scout for this season!
Which retailers carry Halloween Squishmallows?

You won’t find Squishmallows in just any store. They are only sold by select retailers and not every retailer carries the same selection. Part of the excitement of Halloween Squishmallows is their scarcity. Hunting them down is part of the fun, and it’s extra thrilling when you stumble across one in the store!

When can you find them? You’ll see full-size and mini-sized Halloween Squishmallows popping up on shelves at any given time!

Retailers that carry them include:

Five Below
Party City
TJ Maxx
Sam’s Club
Squishmallow Store on Amazon

For a complete list of retailers, visit the Squishmallows website.

Keep an eye out for these top Halloween Squishmallows:

1. Squishmallows Halloween Costumes & Treat Pails

Got a little one that loves Squishmallows? Head on over to where you can snag this Squishmallows Cam the Cat Halloween Costume for $49.99! This super soft plush vest costume has a cute little tail, cat ears, and a classic calico brown, black, and white coloring.

Also available are these Squishmallows Halloween Treat Pails in multiple fun designs for just $19.99!
2. Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows

Squishmallows makes plush toys based on the various characters from Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero the Dog, The Mayor, Oogie Boogie and his minions, Lock, Shock, and Barrel. These Squishmallows tend to make an appearance every year as they are some of the most popular of the Halloween Squishmallows.

Lock and Shock tend to pop up most frequently. Other characters are harder to come by, like Sally. So if you see her in the store, consider taking her home with you. You can currently snag several of the characters, including Sally, on Amazon — note they are from a Third Party Seller but are fulfilled by Amazon.

3. Hocus Pocus Squishmallows

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a Hocus Pocus Squishmallow? Fans of the cult-classic film will love these spooky, but cute, plush toys. They often come back each year and with Hocus Pocus 2 now released we wouldn’t be surprised if they made a return. We recently saw them for sale on Amazon but they sold out quickly!

4. Emily the Bat Squishmallow

Does Halloween conjure up thoughts of vampires, bats, and things that go “bump” in the night? If so, get in the autumn mood with Emily the Bat. We just saw this cute Squishmallow available at Walmart in August and hope she flies back into stock!

5. Disney Squishmallows – Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie

Calling all Disney fans! If you love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, you won’t want to miss out on their adorable Halloween Squishmallow counterparts! We spotted Minnie on Amazon, sold by a Third Party Seller for $21.59, but fulfilled by Amazon.

6.  Winston the Mummy Owl Squishmallow

Winston the Owl is a popular Squishmallow and now you can find him in mummy form! Keep an eye out for this cute and cuddly Squishmallow to hit stores near you! We spotted him on Amazon, sold by a Third Party Seller for $24.99, but fulfilled by Amazon.

7.  Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallows

Hurry over to Amazon where you can snag this snuggle-worthy Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow. We’re surprised it’s not already sold out! This fun plush toy is made of ultra-soft material that makes it the perfect cuddle buddy for cold weather.

There is a Target Exclusive Pumpkin Spice Squishmallow called Kendla. She’s currently sold out but keep your eyes peeled she might reappear!

8.  Pumpkin Squishmallows – Paige & Riba

Paige the Pumpkin is a popular Squishmallow that’s been seen in years past. She is available with her eyes open or closed. We recently saw this festive Squishmallow at Walmart in August!

If you need a friend for Paige, keep an eye out for Riba the Pumpkin. This ghoulish gourd comes dressed to impress in a black top hat! We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon, for $24.99.

9.  Demi the Vampire Owl

Another great find on our Walmart trip was this newly released 2022 vampire owl called Demi. The added cape is too cute!

10.  Tally the Cat Vampire

This cuddly vampire looks a lot more friendly than scary! If you need a cheerful Halloween decoration or gift for a child, this is it! We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon, for $24.99.

11.  The Halloween Witch Cat Squishmallows

There are a bunch of Squishmallows shaped like cats dressed as witches or even cats dressed as pumpkins. This year, Squishmallows released Gerik the witch cat and we’ve already spotted this cutie at Walmart. Another witch cat to look for is Calio.

12.  Zelina the Day of The Dead Cat

This cool cat is celebrating The Day Of The Dead. If you love Calavera skulls and celebrating your ancestors, this pretty kitty has your name on it.

13.  Reginald the Devil Corgi Squishmallow

Corgi’s are some of the cutest dogs around and this adorable Squishmallow is no exception. This squeezable toy may look devilish, but don’t worry, this plush pup is just dressed up for Halloween. We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon, for $24.99.

14.  Len the Frankenbear Squishmallow

Fans of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein can honor the book with their very own Squishmallow. Len was around last year in 2021 and he might just make a reappearance this year.

15.  Detra the Octopus Witch Squishmallow

Detra was one of the popular Halloween releases of 2021. We think this festive octopus might make a comeback this year. Make sure to check your local Target, Walmart, or Hallmark for a sign of this not-so-terrifying sea creature.

16.  Johanna the Witches’ Brew Squishmallow

Bubble bubble, toil, and trouble! What better Halloween decor than this darling batch of witches’ brew? We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon for $17.99 when you clip the $2 off available digital coupon.

17. Torize the Pumpkin Pie Squishmallow

Several Squishmallows pay homage to favorite holiday foods, like Torize the pumpkin pie. This cheerful stuffed toy won’t scare the children! If you see her on the shelves, scoop her up before she’s gone! We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon for $24.99.

18. Mac the Acorn Squishmallow

If Halloween isn’t your thing, you can still celebrate the fall season with Squishmallows. This little acorn can be displayed year round but it’s especially fitting during the fall season. We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon for $22.

19.  Brie the Witch Squishmallow

Rumor has it that Brie the Witch might be a rare release. Look for her green hair and lavender hat! An older Squishmallow that you might find for sale online is Winnie the Witch which came out in 2020.

20.  Felize the Ghost

We hope this happy ghost will be back again this year! With rosy cheeks and a big smile, this plush toy is perfect for kids. There’s nothing scary about this spook!

21.  Gavi the Turkey
While you’re out hunting for Halloween Squishmallows, keep your eyes peeled for Gavi the Turkey. This fall-themed Squishmallow is perfect to cuddle with all through Thanksgiving! We spotted this on Amazon, sold from a Third Party Seller but fulfilled by Amazon for $26.99.

What are the rarest Halloween Squishmallows?

22. Otto the Grim Reaper
Credit: Squishmallow Wiki

One of the spookier Squishmallows made for Halloween is Otto The Grim Reaper. We’ve seen him pop up on sites like eBay from time to time and he’s always listed as “RARE.”

23. Stix the Skeleton Squishmallow
Credit: Squishmallow Wiki

Stix The Skeleton came out a few years ago so you might not see him reappear in major stores. We recently saw a 12″ version on eBay.

24. Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow
Credit: Squishmallow Wiki

Jack the Black Cat is said to be the rarest Halloween Squishmallow. Made as part of a Select Series, there are apparently only 500 in existence. Hr probably won’t appear on the shelves of a major retailer, but you might be able to buy one off another collector. If you found yourself a real Jack, a gold 500 tag will be sewn into his ear. Many collectors sites list him for upwards of $1000! 💰

Are there other Halloween Squishmallows not on this list?

Yes! Several older Halloween-themed Squishmallows are in existence but you might need to buy them from other collectors. A few notable ones include Cannon the Candy Corn, Calista the Caticorn Ghost, and Stump the Skeleton Cat. Visit Squishmallow Wiki for a master list of Squishmallows.

Have you seen any 2022 Halloween Squishmallows in stores near you? Let us know where!

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