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Ditch Your High End Running Shoes for These Avia Running Shoes from Walmart (Alternatives for Hoka, Brooks & More)

Race to Walmart for Avia running shoes!
If you’re a fan of the highly-rated Hoka running shoes, but don’t want to foot the bill for them, you should check out the Avia Hightail Women’s Running Shoes at Walmart!

Regularly priced at just $27.98 versus Hoka’s $140+, these have been called Hoka dupes and we thought we’d give them a try, just to see if they really stood up to one of the most popular running shoe brands.

As an added bonus, we actually found a few pairs for just $20 at our local Walmart! And if you’re looking for men’s styles, you can currently snag select styles from $20 online, too!

Men’s Avia Running Shoes ONLY $20 (Reg. $27.98)

Women’s Avia Running Shoes Only $27.98

Check out what Cam had to say about the Avia running shoes…

The Avia shoes felt very comfortable, very similar to my Hoka shoes. I didn’t have a chance to run in the shoes but I did have an opportunity to dance and do some quick agility drills and they felt durable! The souls are a bit thicker like a Hoka shoe and overall felt really solid. Would definitely love to do a run test and these to give you 100% feedback though.

These Avia running shoes have been so popular that they are already starting to sell out on They even have a ‘Frequently Viewed’ badge above the shoes, so if you’re wanting to try a pair for yourself, make sure to grab them right away!

Reviewers are comparing them to high end running shoes too…

Love these gorgeous running shoes so much! Excellent high quality at best price! Their exactly like my Brooks. Thank you Walmart!!?

I saw these on at TikTok and it said they compared to an expensive well-known name brand known for running, standing and walking. I was skeptic, but they actually DO!! I ended up buying two pairs. Both black. Disappointed the purple was out of stock, but it’s okay so excited to find these. My feet are happy. I stand at work.

Love these shoes!! I have foot neuropathy and plantar fasciitis, the wider sole helps with balance issues and I can easily remove inner sole to replace with my own orthotics. The heel depth is deep enough that even with my orthotics my heel doesn’t slip up when walking. Great shoes, lots of style/color choices and the price sure beats my New Balance.

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