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Here’s How One Reader Repurposes Old Greeting Cards

Have a ton of cards sitting in your junk drawer?
Greeting cards can be so meaningful and sweet, but let’s face it; they take up a ton of space! As hard to let them go as it is, we can’t hold on to them forever. However, this week’s Happy Friday reader Anna came up with a clever way to repurpose them.

I hate to throw away pretty cards that I receive in the mail, but I don’t have the space to save them all. I have decided to reuse them for my own notes to friends and family.

I use my paper cutter and corner rounder to turn the fronts of cards and thank you’s into new useable cards.

Once you have your cards, you can use them in a multitude of ways!

The fronts of notecards (if the appropriate size) can be used as a postcard. I once made a Snoopy postcard from a card someone else sent me — I used it for Postcrossing!

The fronts can also be used to write a quick note to a teacher or used to put a note in a lunch box.

They could be saved for craft projects, scrapbooking, or cut to make a bookmark.

As Anna mentioned, you can use “thank you” cards for teachers, or even branch out to use them for coworkers and even delivery drivers. We love thanking our delivery drivers to brighten up their days and show some appreciation!

The cards without text can be used in SO many ways! We love Anna’s idea of using them for bookmarks and crafting. You can use them to create labels, gift embellishments, gift tags, journaling, and other craft projects. As just one fun idea, you could use your leftover greeting cards to create this gift topper and just switch up the design a bit to match the theme.

How do you use up leftover cardstock? Tell us in the comments below.

Need some thank you cards ASAP? Lina designed adorable printable Thank You cards!

I’m definitely trying this with all the cards I have laying around my home!

Thank you, Anna, for sharing this simple yet clever idea when it comes to repurposing old greeting cards. My favorite part was the extra touch of the corner puncher because, while it’s not totally necessary, it adds a unique, polished touch that makes it more personal and less “reused”.

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