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Our Favorite Peel and Stick Wallpaper Brand has the Coolest Seasonal Decals (+ Exclusive Savings!)

Find out how Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper can quickly transform any space! 

Luxury for your walls. 🤩
Tempaper peel-and-stick wallpaper is your no-commitment solution to transform any space in your home. If you’ve been trying to justify sprucing up your space, now is the time!

It’s true…I have commitment problems when it comes to artwork and color in my home. Our “neutral is everything” society is partly to blame, but I also just love neutral colors and prefer to live in texture.

As you can see behind me, my dining room walls were bare and white prior to adding Tempaper to my life and what’s even funnier is that I actually painted them that color after we moved in. 😂 After a couple of years of living in all white, I was really wanting a fun change.
That’s when I discovered Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper! 😍

They have a countless variety of colors, styles, and patterns so they’re able to provide endless opportunities for every home.

Plus, I couldn’t help but immediately take notice of their impressive list of collaborations with trendy interior and fashion designers and even popular Instagram influencers you may already follow for inspiration. 😍

Did I mention they have a selection of seasonal decals available? 😍
For every season, Tempaper also has seasonal wallpaper! Since we’re in the midst of the spooky season, Lina just put the Flying Bats Wall Decal above her mantel. They even glow in the dark!

Aside from bats, other Halloween types of vinyl include spider webs, cats, witches, spooky eyes, and a moon with magical stars. ✨

Better yet, save 15% on Halloween decals with promo code SPOOKY15, now until 10/24!

Flying Bats Wall Decal $34.99
Use promo code SPOOKY15 for 15% off
Final cost just $29.75!

Flying Bats Wall Decal $34.99
Spider Webs Wall Decal $34.99
Total = $69.98
Use promo code SPOOKY15 for 15% off
Score free shipping on orders $50+
Final cost just $59.49 SHIPPED!

Already set with your Halloween decor? Get ready for Christmas instead!
From Nutcracker to a Winter Village, there are wallpaper decals available for every festive aesthetic you want to achieve. They’re a cinch to apply and are the perfect way to decorate if you don’t have shelf space or floor space for other holiday decorations. How cute is this Scandi-inspired tree decal that takes up way less space than an actual Christmas tree?!

Here’s what Lina thinks of Tempaper wallpaper decals:

“WOW, these are so fun to decorate with! They are such high-quality vinyl, and it’s so easy to place and then remove depending on the season. What a fun and creative product. The Halloween bats are my favorite and perfect for this fall season! We love how they look so much.”

Ready to go all out with wallpaper?

For my home, I ended up choosing the Tempaper Geo Grasscloth wallpaper. 
Since I love a great texture, I was totally sold when I discovered this modern, patterned wallpaper had the texture of grasscloth. 😍 Although it is super bold for me and unlike anything I’ve ever done in my home, it is still neutral enough to fit my aesthetic.

Ultimately, the above photo from their website was what had me head over heels for this pattern and so excited to install it. 🤩 Simply gorgeous!

Installing Tempaper removable wallpaper is simple! 
I’ve never installed peel-and-stick wallpaper before, and have only installed traditional wallpaper once in my lifetime, so I can’t emphasize enough that anyone can transform their home with Tempaper! 🙌🏻

Plus, you only need a few common household tools to apply it and there are no messy glues or pastes required! 👏🏻 I couldn’t wait to test out this wallpaper because I know just how messy and difficult traditional wallpaper can be to work with. Not to mention it’s a big commitment!

The only tool I would suggest buying to make your Tempaper peel and stick install seamless is one of their squeegees.
They come in two sizes and have a hard plastic side to guide paper into corners and molding and a felt side to smooth as you go! I used their 6″ squeegee and it worked perfectly for my larger wall.

Here are the other common household tools you need to install Tempaper:

Utility knife
Tape measurer
Step stool (if applying to taller surfaces)

Here’s how you install Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper:

Wipe down your walls to create a clean surface and let dry.
Measure your wall so you know how long to cut your first piece.
Line up and level your wallpaper strip and peel about a foot of the back liner off and place onto the wall.
Slowly peel off back and squeegee as you go until you reach the bottom of your wall.
Cut excess wallpaper off with your utility knife.
Line up your pattern before measuring and cutting your next piece.
Repeat all steps until your space is complete.

That’s literally it, friends! And no worries, if these steps seem overwhelming, they are clearly explained with every roll of wallpaper and simple to follow once you get started.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, this peel-and-stick wallpaper can be adjusted numerous times without damaging your walls.
Thank goodness, because I’m pretty sure I peeled and stuck my first strip of this wallpaper 50+ times before I got it to my liking. 😂

Even when the strip stuck to itself and creased in spots it still smoothed out beautifully. In fact, you would never even know I struggled at the beginning of my application because this wallpaper is so forgiving and high-quality. 🙌🏻

I am SO amazed by this stuff! I remember the last time I applied wallpaper I really struggled with windows and it was nearly impossible to cut it perfectly with my amateur wallpapering skills.

However, with Tempaper, I was able to repair little spots by cutting and sticking them to match. Without zooming in and looking super close, you’d never know this wasn’t an entire sheet of wallpaper and it’s certainly not something I would have been able to do so easily with regular wallpaper.

It took me about 4-5 hours from start to finish and perfecting the window was the main reason my application took so long. Overall, it was so simple to install and I am happier than I even imagined I would be with it! 🤩

Here’s a quick before and after of the view I love looking at from my living room… 😍

I used about 2.5 rolls of Tempaper for my accent wall and for under $100 it’s incredible how quickly and affordably you can transform a space! 🤩

I’m also amazed by the feedback and compliments we’ve received since I put it up too!

And that’s not just from adult friends. Even my son’s friends who are 11 and 12 have taken notice of it immediately! 😱 One loved the texture and said it was so cool and another loved the pattern and said how great it looked.

If kids are impressed with this, I know it was a solid decision for my home. 👏🏻

I’ve had this Tempaper removable wallpaper up for a few weeks now and I’m confident to say it’s here to stay!
Stepping outside my comfort zone felt so good and I simply love the results! More importantly, it sticks beautifully to walls and there are no air bubbles, no peeling, and even the smaller pieces I cut are still sticking beautifully. I couldn’t ask for an easier, affordable, or more beautiful home upgrade. 🤩

Ready to give Tempaper wallpaper a try for yourself?!

Remember, you get free shipping on orders $50 or more, and you can grab 10% off when you sign up for emails!

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