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Why Raw Dog Food? (+ Score 30% Off & FREE Shipping on Trial Box!)

I tried the We Feed Raw raw dog food trial box with my pup Maddie and here’s my honest review… 

Are you curious about raw dog food?
The thought of feeding your dog raw food might sound a little disconcerting at first. I get it, the concept takes some time to wrap your head around it. I gave it a try with my sweet dog Maddie, but I was pretty picky about where to start.

One of the more notable brands that stuck out was We Feed Raw Dog Food (they’re on page 1 of Google so they were hard not to miss!). It’s clear why they’re one of the top search results since they use only the highest-quality, human-grade meats and firmly adhere to industry-standard best practices and precautions. On top of that, they screen all the meats they use for microbes to ensure your dog is getting the best food possible.

They created a raw dog food subscription box so you can conveniently get this food delivered right to your door. Better yet, you can save 30% on your trial box order with our exclusive promo code HIP2SAVE30. No more trips to the pet store and less money? Sweet!

Check out the We Feed Raw Trial Box and use promo code HIP2SAVE30 to get 30% off your box!
Pricing depends on the type of meat you want in your box. For example, here’s what I ordered:

Trial Box with Turkey, Duck, Beef, Lamb, and Venison for 2 weeks, 15 ounces a day $94.50

Save 30% with promo code HIP2SAVE30
Score free shipping

Final cost just $66.15 SHIPPED – that’s only $2.36 per serving of raw dog food (two servings per day)!

After the trial box, the delivery subscription box is 27 pounds of meat every 4 weeks for $233.50. As mentioned, the price will differ based on the amount of food needed and the proteins selected. For instance, if you order only turkey and duck, the trial box ends up being closer to $145 with our promo.

Shipping is free shipping on all orders.

Note that by placing an order for a We Feed Raw trial box, you will be signing up for a subscription. At the bottom of checkout, the cost of future boxes beyond the trial will be shown. You will receive a reminder email 5 days before your order is processed. You can pause, change, or cancel anytime before your order is processed.

Why raw dog food?
If you think of how dogs traditionally lived, they were out on their own hunting for food. Dogs have short digestive tracts, high stomach acid, hinged jaws, and pointy teeth. They’re meant to eat raw food! Since our dogs are now domesticated, using a raw dog food subscription box is as close as you can get to giving them their natural diet.

You might have noticed refrigerated dog food in the pet food aisle. How is that any different than We Feed Raw?

Most fresh dog foods simply have fewer preservatives than standard kibble and have been cooked at low temperatures. It’s important to note that just because a dog food package is refrigerated doesn’t necessarily mean it’s truly raw dog food.

There isn’t a ton of research on feeding your dog a raw food diet but some smaller studies have shown that raw dog food can help improve environmental allergies, hip dysplasia, digestive issues, chronic ear infections, cancer, and tumors.

Want to really take a deep dive into the studies? A raw dog food company based in the United Kingdom conducted a 26-week raw feeding study you can read here that supports feeding your dog a raw diet.

If you want to learn more about raw dog food, you can also check out this podcast episode with Veterinary scientist Dr. Anna-Hielm Björkman about her research team’s findings on how raw dog food can fend off allergies.

How do they make raw dog food?
We Feed Raw has a PhD pet nutritionist on staff who carefully formulates the meal plans. Each package of raw food contains the perfect balance of muscle meat, organ meat, and bones, along with essential vitamins and minerals.

The raw dog food is made using high-pressure processing, which is an ultra-high water pressure technology that neutralized food-borne pathogens while maintaining the nutritional value of the food. This means from the factory to their food dish, the raw meat stays safe to eat.

When you order a We Feed Raw dog food subscription box, you have six meat choices:


You also have several different package options. You can start by going with a trial box to have their experts curate a box specifically for your pet’s needs.

Or you can purchase a la carte or bulk-sized boxes with pre-set amounts. Each type of meat is available in a five-pound package or you can order a Big Box (27 – 16 ounce portions), Classic Box (18 – 16 ounce portions), or Small Box (25 – 6 ounce portions). Note that our exclusive code does not work on bulk box orders… all the more reason to check out the Trial Box!

Going a la carte but realize you’re not sure how much your furry friend needs? No worries! Before you hit that final checkout button, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire about your dog to ensure your pup gets the appropriate type and amount of raw food to meet their specific needs.

Still on the fence? Check out Collin’s review: 

“I have been feeding my pups a raw food diet for the past few years! When I first switched Yoli over to this way of eating she actually (at first) was not interested. I would put the raw meat in her bowl and she would sniff it and give it a quick lick, but not eat it. I read on We Feed Raw about putting a little garlic powder and chicken broth on the meat if they seemed uninterested and that totally did the trick. I only had to do that for the first couple of feedings and then she basically went from not eating the meat to loving it!

Prior to eating a raw food diet, Yoli would often scratch herself so bad and had raw, irritated spots all over her skin. That all went away once we switched her diet. She is such a healthy dog now, and has had no issues at all since we changed her diet.

Eddie started eating a raw food diet as a puppy and fell in love with this way of eating after first bite! 😆He also is such a healthy pup with no issues either (well, other than chew toy and sock swallowing incidents 😬, which I don’t blame the raw meat for).

I feed my dogs twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I have most of the meat stored in my freezer and take out a few packs every few days that stay in the fridge. I then just take out the raw meat, divide it up, and put it in their bowls. It’s really that easy, no need to heat it up.”

And here’s what Hip team member Soleil thought about the raw dog food:

“My boys are so happy. They enjoy mealtime again and I enjoy feeding them! I know that their food is curated just for them with the best ingredients and is packed full of everything they need. As a busy pet mom, having the ability to defrost and serve will win every single time. It’s so easy to use and my boys are so happy! We Feed Raw is a 10 out of 10.

My slightly underweight Yorkie is now at his ideal weight! He enjoys his meals and his eyes are brighter.
On the other hand, my Beagle has lost weight! I’m so impressed by this actually!!! He eats his entire meal, doesn’t go looking for the treat jar as much, and is more active. He’s scratching so much less and he’s been more alert.

Neither of my boys have had any upset tummies or ‘off’ bowel movements, either.”

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about trying raw dog food, mostly because I was worried about potential contaminants that might make Maddie sick. I didn’t want her waking me up in the middle of the night because she had to go outside to go potty “NOW!!!”. But she did totally fine with the food, no issues at all! 🎉

Note that I did slowly transition her to the raw food diet over the course of about a week as instructed by We Feed Raw. All you do is mix the We Feed Raw food with your dog’s current food and gradually increase the amount of raw dog food while decreasing their kibble until you’re feeding them all raw food. You can also add some canned pumpkin or probiotics to help their digestive tracts adjust. Maddie did great though!

In fact, she had been having some hives and allergy issues that I could not figure out! I was even making my own dog food at one point. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her itchiness with higher-quality dog food and the hives have actually completely gone away! Maddie is also pretty picky, but she’s loving the We Feed Raw food!

Check out We Feed Raw and save 30% on your trial box with our exclusive promo code HIP2SAVE30 at checkout.

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