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BOGO Free Pela Phone Cases | My New Favorite Eco-Friendly Case That’s 100% Compostable!

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At some point, we all need a new phone case whether we recently upgraded our device or simply want a fresh, new look for our existing hardware. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 13 so I was in the market for a new case.

To be real, the market is very saturated and I was struggling to find a practical case I loved. When I discovered the Pela phone case I knew it was the ONLY one for me. 😍

Pela makes the most earth-friendly phone cases on the market! 🌎

Companies that are better for the planet, our homes, and our bodies are my love language. 🤩 Pela’s innovative cases are made from Flaxstick® and a plant-based biopolymer so they’re made from renewable sources and are 100% compostable. In fact, they can be left to break down in your very own home composting environment! 😱

Producing them also means 30% fewer carbon emissions, 34% less water usage, and 80% less waste production compared to traditional plastic phone cases. 🙌🏻

The purchase of 2 Pela phone cases is equivalent to saving the planet from 54 plastic bags being wasted and as a company they’ve prevented 48,433,866 plastic bags from going into the ocean! 🤩

If that doesn’t wow you enough, their materials are also free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium, and lead. They’re also verified to meet child safety standards in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. 🙌🏻 What’s not to love?!

I was especially wowed by the fact they offer a clear case that has such a minimal and clean aesthetic which is right up my alley! 😍 Even cooler, it’s the FIRST compostable clear case on the market too! 😱
However, if you love some color or more features, they have an endless selection of options for you.

Whether you’re shopping for a new iPhone or Android, Pela offers an endless selection to choose from! From vintage-inspired graphics to engraved cases or solid colors or even ones with wallets, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

And with regular Pela phone case prices ranging from $59.95 to $64.95 you can score a new phone case for as little as $29.97 each with our BOGO offer!

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Score free shipping on orders $20+
Final cost just $59.95 SHIPPED for TWO cases!

Even more incredible, Pela offers a Screen Protection Guarantee. 🤯
Pela isn’t just good for the planet and your wallet, they’re actually good for your phone too! If your screen cracks while wearing a Pela Case (excluding Slim) AND their liquid screen protector, they’ll pay for the repairs! 😱 How amazing is that?! 

Pela doesn’t just make the perfect phone case, they also offer tons of compostable accessories too & you can score 25% OFF!

I love having a convenient loop on the back of my phone so it was a MUST-have for my new case. When I saw they made their own Pela Grip for under 15 bucks at regular price I was done for! And I could perfectly coordinate it with my clear case! 😍
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Buy 1 Pela Grip $14.95
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Pela’s Grip adheres directly to their cases (except wallet and card cases), are adjustable, and can even double as a stand for horizontal viewing. At first, mine felt a little stiff but after a day of using it and being outside it became broken in quickly.

Hands down, this Pela phone case is my favorite EVER! 😍
It looks super sleek and modern, it feels secure on my phone, and I love the soft silicone feel they have. Bonus points that their Pela Grip sticks to their eco-friendly materials whereas, I’ve never been able to stick anything on previous silicone cases I’ve used in the past. 👏🏻

Despite my case feeling super secure, it’s probably one of the easiest cases I’ve ever had to take off too. So cleaning your phone will no longer be a hassle. 🙌🏻

I know if you’ve made it this far, you’re dying to start shopping at Pela so make sure to use our exclusive offer!

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