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McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals w/ Collectible Figures Might End Soon!

 Nostalgic adults will love these new McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals!

McDonald’s has Happy Meals just for adults! 🎉
McDonald’s just released Adult Happy Meals on Monday, October 3rd, but rumor has it that these might be coming to a quick end.

Locations around the country ran out of stock for the popular new release within days of it being released, and now we’re hearing that the distribution center is also out of supplies. That means that once your local McDonald’s runs out of their stock, there won’t be a second chance.

If you were looking to try one, make sure to head out soon! You can order this new Adult Happy Meal in person, at the drive-thru, via delivery, or through the app. Hurry, rumor has it that it will be removed from the menu by October 14th.

These Happy Meals are a result of McDonald’s collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market, a popular clothing brand known for bold typography and puff-print graphics. The two companies have come together to create the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, a limited-edition Happy Meal for adults designed using Cactus Plant Flea Market’s recognizable art style. 🙌

And wait until you hear what’s inside! Customers can choose between a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. Also, you’ll also score their famous fries and a drink, plus just like when you were a kid, you’ll get a surprise too!

Each Happy Meal contains one of four collectible and nostalgic figurines – Grimace, Birdie, the Hamburgler, and the new “Cactus Buddy.” 😍

Order yours through the McDonald’s app for a chance to win exclusive merch.

McDonald’s wants to sweeten the deal by handing out hundreds of prizes! If you order the new Cactus Plant Flea Market box through the McDonald’s app, you’ll automatically be entered to win exclusive merch for FREE! You can enter the sweepstakes as many days as you like and McDonald’s will release a new prize each week!

The prizes include the following limited-edition Cactus Plant Flea Market x McDonald’s merch:

Cactus Plant Flea Market x McD’s T-Shirt (Week 1)
Cactus Plant Flea Market x McD’s Hoodie (Week 2)
Grimace Chair (Week 3)
Acrylic Sign from McD’s Set (Week 4)

Afraid you won’t win? Take matters into your own hands and buy the merch instead! Starting today, October 3rd at 11 a.m. ET, customers can purchase the merch directly from McDonald’s! Note that this merch is only available for a limited time, so if you have your heart set on having some, scoop it up while you can!

Happy snacking and enjoy your adult Happy Meals! 🍔🍟

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