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These Walmart Winter Decor Finds are So GOOD (The Tables Look High-End, But for Way Less!)

Make room for winter decor on — SO MANY dreamy pieces & SO affordable! 😍

I’m already walkin’ in a Walmart Wonderland… 🎶❄️
Call me crazy, friends, but when already has winter decor that matches my taste and their prices always fit my budget, I ask – why wait? 😆

Their Nordic Nature style is everything I want out of my cozy winter decor and with items starting as low as just $10.98, I couldn’t risk these things going out of stock before I could create the ideal winter wonderland in my living room!

Just look at this cute and cozy moment!
Decorating for winter and Christmastime is hands-down my absolute favorite, so if I had to splurge on redecorating my space, I probably would. Thankfully, with Walmart’s huge selection of high-end-looking decor for less, I don’t have to.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that I decorate super early so I feel like I get to enjoy my purchases longer and therefore get more value for my money!

To top it all off, this is yet another time I was shocked by Walmart’s fast & FREE 2-day shipping and returns for purchases over $35! I received all of my items sooner than the estimated delivery window – GO, Walmart! 🙌🏼


I scooped up 5 winter decor pieces to transform my space:

Better Homes & Gardens Faux Tipped Fur Set of 2 Decorative Pillows $24.97 
Queer Eye Liam Set of 2 Plaster Round Tables $175 (regularly $249)
Way to Celebrate Natural Wood 8″ Pillar Candle Holder $10.98
Better Homes & Gardens Round Rustic Wood Serving Tray w/ Metal Handles $28.82 
Better Homes & Gardens Natural Cane Weave Baskets Set of 2 $16.46

It’s official, Walmart knows the secret to my (& my little guys’) heart… pillows. 😍 This isn’t the first time I was wow’ed by Walmart’s pillow selection (NOT just a pesky pillow cover, I might add). So I think it’s safe to say Walmart will forever be my exclusive pillow shop!

Not only is it the easiest way to transform a space instantly, but it’s also the least expensive, especially if you change around your decor as frequently as I do. The HUGE pillows come out to just $12.48 each and let me tell you, they are the SOFTEST. THINGS. EVER. so they will likely be staying out well into spring (and as long as I possibly can)!

And now, those tables… 🤩

Have you ever seen anything quite like them?? ✨
The correct answer: never, at least not for that price! I took just one look at these unique modern white end tables and knew I had to have them! After a bit of research, I was even more shocked to find out I was saving over 75% on one table compared to a very similar designer plaster table for $349! 😱
If you ask me, the Walmart tables are even better! That unique X-shaped pedestal really draws the eye! 😍
These complementary side tables are detachable so you can show off their minimalist appeal together, or use them in two different corners of the room! They feature a warm, earthy faux plaster that will make you do a double take as they are actually made of durable wood and MDF for a stunning look that won’t break the bank!

There’s just so much you can do with these versatile pieces so if you’re one who prefers seasonal decor that can function for multiple occasions, I highly recommend starting with some of these. Baskets are always a must, and this basket 2-pack set not only features on-trend caning, but also comes out to just a little over $8 per basket!

I’ll likely be scooping up a few more of these candle holders as they look so high-end, but for SUCH a good price — I definitely need a set of at least 3!

I am also LOVING this serving tray for displaying all my favorite wintery things in a non-cluttered way, but it’s oh-so functional too! I can already picture arranging a hot chocolate charcuterie board so perfectly on it!

If you Walmart, then you know with trusted brands like Better Homes & Gardens and Way to Celebrate, you’re getting quality items that last so you’ll be using this winter decor for holidays to come.

I know I couldn’t wait once I saw these stylish pieces and hopefully, you feel inspired to decorate your space too. ❄️

Get a head start on decorating & shop winter decor on NOW!