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Three DIY Stovetop Potpourri Scents to Make Your Home Smell Fresh & Cozy!

Use herbs, fruit, and extracts to make simple homemade simmer pot stovetop potpourri for a beautiful and natural way to add a heavenly scent to your home.

Does your home ever smell like yesterday’s dinner mixed with teen gym socks? 😜
Freshen things up with these three DIY natural stove-top simmer pot scents! They’ll make your space smell super fresh and cozy! It’s a brilliant way to utilize herbs and extracts you may already even have at home. Simmer pots are also a smart way to save and reuse lemon and orange peels you’d normally throw away.

Just simmer a few easy ingredients and enjoy the aroma!
The directions for all three of these recipes are the same. Fill a pot with about 4-5 cups of water. Place the ingredients into the pot and turn the heat on the stove to medium for a bit to a light boil. Reduce heat and simmer on low. Your home will start to smell amazing. Keep an eye on the water level and add more as needed.
If keeping the stove on doesn’t sound preferable, consider placing ingredients in a slow cooker instead!

Here are my top 3 favorite homemade stovetop potpourri scents that I personally enjoy using in my home!

1.) DIY Williams Sonoma Scent Stovetop Potpourri

When you walk into a Williams Sonoma store, it’s filled with an appealing citrus rosemary aroma. Their signature simmer pot scent is easy to recreate at home and smells so fresh and amazing.

I happen to have a rosemary plant in my backyard so I make this one often. Consider saving your lemon scraps when cooking to utilize for this.

For the Williams Sonoma simmer pot you’ll need:

2 fresh lemons, sliced
3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon whole peppercorn

2.) Pumpkin Spice Stovetop Potpourri

If the warm scent of apples and cinnamon is your jam, create this easy pumpkin spice scent for cozy fall vibes. This makes your space smell inviting and is perfect for cooler weather.

Consider using an apple that is past its prime, or you can always swap in some apple cider instead for a similar scent.

For the pumpkin spice simmer pot you’ll need:

1 apple sliced
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
3 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon whole cloves

3.) Merry Christmas Stovetop Potpourri

Get your home holiday-ready with this glorious smell. My favorite simmer pot is this holiday scent. The clove and cinnamon smell so great together and it really does smell like Christmas! Plus, this one is so pretty and festive looking.

For the merry Christmas simmer pot you’ll need:

1 cup fresh or frozen whole cranberries
2-3 cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoon whole cloves
2-3 star anise
2-3 sprigs fresh rosemary

Tips for making homemade stovetop potpourri:

Simmer pot ingredients can make fun homemade gifts in a jar. I packaged the Christmas potpourri in jars last year as gifts and it was a fun and easy project!

If you are buying ingredients in the grocery store, look for the more inexpensive brands sold in packets rather than spice jars. In my store, there is a Hispanic foods section with inexpensive packets of cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and anise.

Have fun and create scents using things that naturally grow around where you are. The best part is you can improvise and come up with your own variations too.

You can reuse your stovetop potpourri ingredients if you’d like. Remove them from the water and place them in a jar in the fridge. Then throw it in some fresh water the next day. I have done this and it works!

What’s your favorite stovetop potpourri scent that you use? Be sure to share your simmer pot recipes in the comments to inspire us all! 

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