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Latest Dairy Queen Coupons | Possible 85¢ Blizzard Offer in the DQ App This April

We’ve got the latest on Dairy Queen coupons, new releases, and more!

Here’s how you may be able to get an 85¢ Blizzard Treat from Dairy Queen this April!
Dairy Queen always offers up awesome ways to save money, including great coupons, yummy Blizzard of the month offers, and so much more!

Now, we hear that the chain is planning to celebrate the 1985 launch of Blizzard Treats with a sweet deal from April 10th through April 23rd. Rumor has it that on those days, you’ll be able to swing by DQ and grab a Blizzard for just 85¢!

This offer is subject to change, but early reports indicate that it will be available in the DQ mobile app, and using the app will be the only way to claim your 85¢ Blizzard Treat.

Use this offer to try one of Dairy Queen’s new Blizzard flavors for just 85¢!
Two new Blizzard Treats will be hitting stores this summer, and some are already available at select locations! The new Treats are a Peanut Butter Puppy Chow Blizzard and an Oreo Brookie Blizzard.

For many, Puppy Chow is a nostalgic flavor that reminds us of family holidays and gatherings. This yummy Peanut Butter Puppy Chow Blizzard recipe includes peanut butter, chocolate chunks, and the crispy puppy chow pieces we love. Meanwhile, the Oreo Brookie includes chunks of Oreos and Brookies (a delicious combination of brownie and cookie).

The Cotton Candy, S’Mores, and Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzards are all back on the menu for a limited time, too! 🎉

Dairy Queen has also started rolling out a new dipped cone!
Ready to take your taste buds on a delicious adventure?! Dairy Queen has introduced their newest dipped cone flavor, the Churro Dipped Cone, and it’s already rolling out nationwide!

The Churro Dipped Cone starts with a traditional vanilla ice cream cone that gets dipped in a churro-flavored coating followed by a sprinkling of iconic cinnamon-sugar topping! If you love churros and ice cream, you are going to fall in love with this latest flavor! Even better, it looks like it’s here to stay at least through the summer! YUM!

Dairy Queen has more than just ice cream!
Work up an appetite or want something savory to go along with your Blizzard Treat? Try out DQ’s $7 Meal Deals which include your choice of an original cheeseburger or 3-piece chicken strips, fries, a drink, AND a sundae – all for seven bucks!

Also, be sure to download the DQ app and click on the Deals section to find their latest coupon offers!

Want to save even more on your favorite frozen treats?
Be sure to join the Blizzard Fan Club and get access to Blizzard of the Month announcements, DQ promotions, and news delivered right to your inbox!

The best part is you’ll get a coupon for a free 16oz Blizzard Treat with the purchase of another 16oz Blizzard Treat plus, an extra-special coupon on your birthday and anniversary.

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