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Hot Wheels Color Shifter Sharkport Showdown Playset Just $14.49 on Amazon (Regularly $21) + More

Amazon is revving up the deals!
Hurry over to Amazon where you can score nice savings on Hot Wheels Toys as part of their Black Friday sale!

These Hot Wheels toys are perfect for fans of any age! This is the perfect time to stock the gift closet with easy go-to gifts for Christmas.
Check out these Hot Wheels toys on sale…

Hot Wheels Color Shifter Sharkport Showdown
Only $14.49 (regularly $21.18)!

“My four-year-old Grandson loves this. It’s messy because it needs water but he thinks its very cool! For the car to change color we put ice cubes in the cold water tank and very warm water in the pool area and the water temperature rapidly changes so we are constantly removing and adding new water and ice. Really better for an outdoor toy than inside as water gets spilled but it’s fun for him to see the car magically change color and he loves the shark biting and then spitting out the car!”

Hot Wheels RC Rechargeable 1:64 Scale Racing Car
Only $15.99 (regularly $24.99)!

“This toy car is absolutely super fun to play with. I gave it to a four-year-old and he absolutely loves it! The car goes forwards and backward and turns left and right, you can drive it slowly or put it on a track to make it race really fast!”

Hot Wheels DC Batcave Playset
Only $16.49 (regularly $23.99)!

“If your child likes Hot Wheels and they like Batman, this Hot Wheels track is an absolute must. This set is so easy to assemble, it takes about five minutes. It’s basically a replica of the Batcave from the Batman movie. It is pretty fun to play with according to my son and not like a typical track — there’s traps and such. This is also durable and can take a beating. My kids tend to be rough on toys and this certainly holds up.”

Hot Wheels Twist Shifter RC Vehicle
Only $26.49 shipped (regularly $37.99)!

“This car is really fun and can drive on almost any surface! We were even testing it out inside, on different carpeted surfaces with no issues. The best part of this car is that if you hit a wall or obstacle, most of the time it will just flip and go in the opposite direction. Also, the front and back wheels are on the same axle so it’s possible to rotate the front wheels to the back and vice versa.

On the controller, we were able to put one joystick up and one down and this resulted in the car driving on one side while the other side was in the air with the wheels spinning from front to back. You can easily do a lot of stunts with this car. Overall, this is a really fun remote-controlled vehicle that provides hours of reliable fun!”

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset
Only $77.99 shipped (regularly $123.99)!

“This was by far the best Christmas present I could have purchased. When you think of Hot Wheels, this has it all. Multiple levels, multiple car storage locations (and a lot of them), and multiple ways to play. Other tracks can be attached (which require the track connectors), too. Assembly was very quick and easy – not able to tell from the size and how complex it looks.

Lastly, there are two things I’d like to share a picture of that my 4 year old noticed. First, there are “on ramps” on the two levels that allow other cars to join the race down when cars pass and hit the switch. Second, when the dinosaur “eats” the cars, he then “poops” them out – but the door must be opened.”

There are no huge price tags on these toy deals!