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23 Adorable Mini Stocking Stuffers for Big Kids at Heart

How adorable are these mini stocking stuffers?!

Minis, they’re not just for kids!
With the holidays approaching, big gifts aren’t the only things we’re thinking about. We’re thinking teeny tiny trinkets that make for the cutest mini stocking stuffers for the kids at heart! For all the teens and adults in your life, we’re sharing some ideas for mini stocking stuffers, perfect for gifting.

Here are 23 mini stocking stuffers:

1. Mini Sriracha

Sriracha Keychain Gift Pack: 9 Ounce Sriracha + 1 Ounce Keychain + 1.7 Ounce Keychain
Only $21.90!

Know someone who loves sriracha? This is a guaranteed LOVE for any spicy lovers in your life.🔥 Even better, with this bundle, you’ll get two keychains and a full-size bottle so you’ll be able to refill any time the keychains start running low.

2. World’s Smallest Scrabble

World’s Smallest Scrabble
Only $8.88!

This version of Scrabble fits in the palm of your hand! Due to its size, it may cause some friendly (and frustrating) competition. 🤣

3. Mini Jenga

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Mini Game
Only $5.41 (regularly $5.99)

You never know when you need to kill some time with an impromptu board game, right? Mini games, especially Jenga, are guaranteed classic fun for all ages.

4. Mini Nutella

Nutella Holiday Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Only $1!

Nutella is an extremely popular spread, so give the gift of a mini-sized version to stash away in pockets and purses on the go!

5. World’s Smallest Uno

World’s Smallest Uno Card Game
Only $8.45!

Uno Card Game just got a little more interesting…and tiny! This set includes 112 cards.

6. World’s Smallest Monopoly

World’s Smallest Monopoly
Only $8.69!

This tiny Monopoly game is too stinkin’ cute and is the gift that’ll kill hours of time…but you might need a magnifying glass for those teeny tiny cards. 🧐

7. Mini Essential Oils

Lagunamoon Essential Oils Gift Set
Only $9.98 (regularly $19.99)!

For skincare, hair care, and humidifiers, this set of mini essential oils has endless uses to add to one’s self-care routine. 😍 Not to mention they’re also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

8. World’s Smallest Air Pressure Super Soaker

Super Impulse World’s Smallest Super Soaker Water Gun | Air Pressure Super Soaker 50
Only $13.99!

Yes, this mini water gun really works, squirting up to 25 feet away!

9. Mini Maybelline Eye Kit

Maybelline Lash Sensational Holiday Limited Edition Mini Eye Kit
Only $9.99!

Maybelline Sky High Volumizing mascara is arguably one of the best drugstore mascaras on the market, so why not grab the mini holiday kit to stick in those stockings? This kit includes Sky High Mascara, Lash Sensational Mascara, and Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner!

10. World’s Smallest Etch a Sketch

World’s Smallest Etch A Sketch
Only $9.96!

With the World’s smallest Etch-a-Sketch, your loved ones can twist their imagination away!

11. Teeny Tiny Hair Ties

Teleties Tiny Hair Ties
Only $8.99!

With these stunning tiny hair ties, the styling possibilities are endless! You can grab colors that will coordinate with your giftee’s style, too.

12. World’s Coolest Polaroid Keychain

World’s Smallest Coolest Polaroid Camera Keychain $7.50 (regularly $15)
Use promo code LETSGO20 (20% off)
Final cost just $6!

This adorable keychain really has a feature where you click the red button, and the film comes out! 😍 It does not take actual photos, but it’s too cute for anyone with an eye for photography.

13. Mini Hand Cream

Hand Cream Gift Set (includes SIX 1oz bottles)
Only $18.89 — just $3.15 per bottle!

With the colder months among us, our hands inevitably get dryer, so some yummy scented hand cream would surely be appreciated by all.

14. World’s Smallest Magic 8-Ball

World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball
Only $9.85!

Seek all the answers from this almighty mini Magic 8 Ball! It’s small enough for your recipient to bring their fortune-telling friend with them no matter where they go.

15. World’s Smallest Clue

World’s Smallest Clue
Only $8.99!

Who says you can’t solve a murder mystery in a tiny format?! The game may be small, but the who-dun-it suspense is still enormous.

16. Mini Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Mini
Only $7.99!

This Rubik’s mini is a lifesaver when it comes to killing time, and it’s likely to be a lot easier to solve than the full-sized version!

17. World’s Smallest Connect 4

World’s Smallest Connect 4
Only $8.44!

“My boyfriend and I have heated Connect 4 games (yes, such an exciting relationship 😂). When I saw they make a World’s Smallest version of it, I couldn’t add it to the cart quickly enough! It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer and I know he’ll proudly display it on his desk at work… and likely get in some practice rounds on his lunch break.” – Emily, Hip2Save

18. World’s Smallest Elf on a Shelf

World’s Smallest The Elf On The Shelf
Only $9.90!

If you thought the original Elf was enough to cause small-scale chaos in your home, imagine all the mischief a mini-sized Elf On The Shelf can get into!

We can’t get enough of these World’s Smallest finds! Check out their entire Amazon shop for more mini items!

19. Pocket-Size Mirror

Kintion Pocket Mirror
Only $9.99!

You can’t beat this tiny two-sided portable mirror as the perfect gift! Batteries are already included, and it even lights up so it’s like a true vanity on the go!

20. World’s Smallest Lava Lamp

World’s Smallest Lava Lamp $7.50 (regularly $15)
Use promo code LETSGO20 (20% off)
Final cost just $6!

When it comes to mini stocking stuffers, this is the grooviest! Light up someone’s stocking with this fun, tiny lava lamp!

21. Mini Microphones

Mini Karaoke Microphone
Only $15.29!

These mini microphones are the most adorable way to sing, talk on the phone, and record voice memos!

22. World’s Smallest View-Master

World’s Smallest View-Master
Only $8.88!

Take a look back at the good ole days with this mini view-master! As the packaging states, it really does work!

23. Mini Car Accessories

Miniature Starbucks car accessories
Only $2.50+!

Starbucks drinks to boba tea, this Etsy shop has some of the cutest mini gifts! Pick one that mirrors your on-the-go drink to use as a nifty mask holder or to give your air vents some extra flair.

I admit, I thought it was an air freshener at first – and if you’re looking for something with a scent, check out these cute Christmas-themed car vent air freshener clips here.

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