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Don’t Want to Pay Lululemon Prices? Shop These Similar Options from $8.99 on Amazon

Grab any of these lululemon everywhere belt bag lookalikes and save big!

These lululemon belt bag lookalikes will make you do a double take.
We ❤️ the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, but it goes in and out of stock so often that snagging one can be tough! 😩 SO, whether you need an alternative while you wait, or want to keep a few extra bucks in your wallet, these belt bags are the answer!

Here’s what we love about the Everywhere Belt Bag:

Its made with water-repellant material
Has an exterior pocket to store your valuables
Plus divided interior pockets for your ID card, credit cards, and more
Has an adjustable strap (up to 49.2″)
Measures a small, but spacious 19cm x 5.5cm x 13cm

But for being a somewhat small bag barely bigger than your cell phone, will cost ya almost 40 bucks 🤑 – IF you can snag it in stock! What better reason to give these alternatives a try!

1. This one (my personal fave) is the most identical in size, number of pockets, & comes in 30+ colors!

ODODOS Mini Belt Bag – $16.98

This bag measures 5″ x 8″ x 2″ — almost the exact same as our beloved Everywhere Belt Bag (20.32cm X 5.08cm X 12.7cm)! Plus, it has the same 2 inner card slots, phone pocket, and exterior zip pocket. AND, the material is water-resistant too– are we sure this isn’t lululemon? 😍

Annnnd… I actually scooped this belt bag up myself long before I knew I’d be writing this post!

My verdict after months and months of using this Everywhere Belt Bag alternative: I’m OBSESSED!

I have no clue how such a small bag can hold so much and be so perfect for literally every single occasion I need it for, but somehow this one is! It’s equal parts trendy and sporty AND this brown color tends to sell out pretty quickly. Plus it shipped way sooner than expected. I was so thrilled to be showing off my lululemon lookalike right away!

Plus, with all the same pockets as the Everywhere bag, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the lululemon version one bit (just snagging two, for the same price I’d pay for one 😉). If the only thing you want is the lululemon emblem and name on your bag, go for it, otherwise, that’s the only thing missing from this bag!

2. Here’s the lowest-priced lookalike we could find! 

HIYOLALA Everywhere Belt Bag – as low as $6.99!

Shipping is free with your Prime Membership or on purchases $25+

Measuring 19.98cm x 5cm x 13cm this belt bag promises the same minimal, but spacious size and features the same outer and inner compartments. If you’re one that wants to save the most on a lululemon lookalike and always goes for classic black, this one’s for you!

3. Grab one with the same ‘square’ look, but add some flair! 

HotStyle Small Fanny Pack – as low as $15.99 (regularly $19.99)

These adorable fanny packs might just make you jump on board the belt bag train completely! 😍 They measure very similarly in size, and what they lack in pockets, they sure do make up for in style!

You DONUT want to miss out on grabbing one of these for your next hike, trip to Disneyland, festival, vacation, and more…

Take it from over 700 5-star reviews…

This product is still the same as the day I bought it. 5 months later. Very satisfied!

This was just the right size for my trip to Disney with my husband. Held my phone and portable charger, chapstick, small sunscreen, map, and a few other necessities to keep my hands free in the park and didn’t even have to remove for most rides!

4. This utility pack puts the Everywhere Belt Bag’s pockets to shame. 

Waterfly Large Water Resistant Fanny Pack – as low as $11.99 (regularly $19.99)

Shipping is free with your Prime Membership or on purchases $25+

If you want a fanny pack that does more for you, this one boasts 4 separate pockets + 3 inner divided compartments, a headphone hole, a reflective strap for added safety, and water-resistant and breathable mesh material! Plus, it comes in 12 stylish color options and has a 4.5 star rating.

5. Grab this one and save up to $27 when compared to lululemon!

Entchin Fanny Pack – as low as $10.98 (regularly $18.99)

Shipping is free with your Prime Membership or on purchases $25+

A true sling fanny pack, this one is made of high-quality, water-resistant material, with durable stitching so you can pack in all your essentials. The strap is adjustable from 32 to 44″ and it features 4 pockets including a slot to slide your cords through.

Wow! Check out these awesome reviews…

I ended up switching out a gigantic purse for this and my life is so much easier, with no pain in my shoulders or cumbersome load in my days. My family laughs at me but I don’t even care. It’s made my life so much easier and less strenuous. I can go out and about carefree.

I bought this to use at the gym to avoid leaving my wallet in a locker. Worked out perfectly, holds my wallet in the front pocket & full-sized phone in the other it even has room for my earbud case. I also like that it is a web belt & not elastic. Seems very well made.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been team belt bag for a while, and the fact that I was able to save quite a bit on a near-identical lululemon one means I’m not hopping off this trend train for a while! 🚂😍
Check out even more designer lookalikes that you can score for less!