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How to Make Grocery Store Flowers Look Expensive!

Use these easy tips to achieve a more professional look from grocery store flowers.  

Save money by arranging your own flower bouquets at home!
Gifting flowers doesn’t have to break the bank. Thanks to local grocers and stores like Trader Joe’s and Costco, picking up fresh flowers can be affordable. Creating your own bouquets can be a great way to stretch a dollar, plus I think it’s a fun activity!

A bouquet of pretty flowers makes me HAPPY!
Fresh flowers are such a thoughtful way to brighten someone’s day and make them feel special. They’re a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation – pretty much any holiday or occasion! I also love to grab grocery store flowers and make DIY arrangements to spruce up my own home.

Not all grocery stores have cheap flowers. I typically seek out Trader Joe’s if I am buying them, but my location is further away. On this day I made my own bouquets using 24 roses from Costco priced under $19 and some mixed flowers from my local Kroger store.

Where to Buy Cheap Flowers:

Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods

Turns out it’s actually pretty easy to elevate grocery store flowers into a more professional arrangement. Whether you’re giving them away or keeping them for yourself, here are a few simple tips!

1. Opt for hearty longer lasting flowers.

Having a fresh bouquet die right away is such a bummer. Be sure to pick flowers with thicker hearty stems that aren’t browned or turning mushy. Keep in mind the flowers that will last the longest such as roses, carnations, orchids, alstroemeria, and lilies.

2. Create a base with greenery.

Grab a mixed bouquet of greenery to go along with your flowers. My favorites to include are a couple of varieties of eucalyptus. This will level up your bouquet to bougie status, and greenery is inexpensive. Place them first in your vase and then build your arrangement from there.

3.) Pick a pretty vase or vessel for your arrangement.

When gifting flowers, I love to gift a vase along with a bouquet. Using a flower vase with a standard 4-inch opening is ideal. Any larger than that, and it will take a ton of flowers to fill.

I keep a collection of inexpensive vases from stores like TJ Maxx. The thrift store is a great place to score a cheap vase, or use a ceramic pitcher as another idea. I also love repurposing large jars and empty candle containers for flowers!

4. Prep your flowers before arranging them.

Snip the bottom leaves that will be below the water line from each stem. This will prevent bacteria growth in the water and help flowers last longer. Also cut the ends of each stem at an angle so the flowers can suck up water easily, in turn lasting longer.

5. Open the roses to achieve that high-end florist look.

Typical grocery store roses are usually super tight. For a more upscale romantic look consider opening your roses a bit. This process is called reflexing roses, according to, and it’s super easy. You basically start from the outside of the rose and gently pull each petal open.

6. Stagger your stems.

Instead of taking grocery store flowers and just inserting into a vase, try cutting the stems one at a time to varying heights, and arrange. Some find it helpful to arrange them flat on the counter first. I just snip as I go and try to create some balance when arranging.

Start with a base of greenery, add some larger focal flowers, then some smaller filler flowers.

7. Have fun and create your own rules.

Creating bouquets is honestly a super fun way to be creative and arrange how you’d like. Trust your instinct on what color flowers to pair together and placement. Let that creativity flow and enjoy!

I love my styled grocery store bouquets!
It’s amazing how much a few fresh flowers can really brighten up a space and create a whole new vibe. These would totally make an arrangement to give away as a gift. I spent about $40 in grocery store flowers for two large arrangements and that is much less than buying from a florist!

If you have any grocery store flower tips please be sure to share them in the comments!

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