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23 BEST Anthropologie Clothing Lookalikes for Less (Wedding Gowns, Shoes, Clothes, & Much More)

Shop Anthropologie clothing and clothes for less!

Style up your closet and keep your budget down.
We found Anthropologie clothing and accessory lookalikes on a dime! They’re so similar you’ll think you actually bought all Anthropologie clothes.

Check out these Anthropologie clothes and other lookalikes we found first:

1. This spiritual tank top shirt is cheaper straight from the source.

Anthropologie Spiritual Gangster Peace Tank (top) – $58
Spiritual Gangster Peace Tank (bottom) – $39 (regularly $58)

While Anthropologie may have styled this tank perfectly, don’t let them fool you because you can actually scoop it up straight from the source for about $20 less! These Anthropologie clothes are going fast so don’t hesitate to scoop this cute tank up for your summer adventures.

2. Get a nearly identical denim jean jacket for half the cost.

Anthropologie Pilcro Boyfriend Denim Jacket (top) – $98
GAP Factory Oversized Icon Denim Jacket with Washwell (bottom) – $55.99 (regularly $79.99)

If we didn’t know any better, we would have thought these Anthropologie clothes came from the same factory store! This lookalike from GAP Factory is a total no-brainer to scoop up since it features identical seams, buttons, and pockets!

3. We found more Anthropologie clothing at other retailers for less like this fun sequin mini skirt.

Anthropologie Endless Rose Sequin Mini Skirt (top) – $90
Nordstrom Endless Rose Sequin Mini Skirt (bottom) – $80

Again with the same exact Anthropologie clothes for less! 👏🏻 We spotted this fun sequin mini skirt at Nordstrom and while it’s still expensive, you’ll spend $10 less. What’s even better is that they have a great return policy to boot!

4. Grab an heirloom tweed jacket on Etsy for less and have it custom-made.

Anthropologie Maeve Double-Breasted Tweed Jacket (top) – $148
Etsy Custom Made Blue Tweed Jacket (bottom) – $116.27

You’ll definitely want to consider this Anthropologie find if you love tweed and want a piece that’s sure to last for years to come! We love that our slightly more affordable find is custom-made and has similar white buttons and fringe detailing. Better yet, you can even opt to get a matching skirt and your total for both will be just a few dollars more than the cost of just one Anthro jacket.

5. Strut to any festival with this trendy and show-stopping embellished cami.

Anthropologie Sheer Embellished Cami (top) – $130
Express Endless Rose Pearl Embellished Tank (bottom) – $80

New for spring, you can scoop up this stunning piece from Express. While it doesn’t currently have any reviews, it’s a retailer we all know and love. It ships free and worst case, you can always return it within 60 days for a full refund. Best of all, it’s $50 cheaper than Anthro’s trendy option so strut to your festival with confidence.

6. Style your spring wardrobe with a pair of trendy wide-leg denim.

Anthropologie EDWIN Nova High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans (top) – $228
Old Navy High-Waisted Wow Wide-Leg Jeans (bottom) – $36.99

We know these jeans will become a new staple piece in your spring wardrobe considering these are a best seller at Old Navy. Best of all, they’re nearly $200 less than the whopping price tag at Anthro and they even come in a wide range of sizes.

Shopping around? Check out these wide-leg denim jeans at Target for just one penny more!

7. Grab an effortless half-zip pullover for running out the door and save over $100.

Anthropologie Varley Ramona Half-Zip Pullover (top) – $128
Forever 21 Ribbed Half-Zip Sweater (bottom) – $24.99

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There are noticeable differences in the fabric of this affordable find and our beloved Anthropologie clothing. However, if you love the half-zip style with a large collar and slouchy arms then Forever 21 will check off all the marks. Plus, we absolutely love the aesthetically pleasing color which almost matches Anthros perfectly.

8. Or get an exact match on this Anthropologie pullover clothing find and save over $100.

Anthropologie Varley Vine Half-Zip Pullover (top) – $158
Amazon ANRABESS Half Zip Pullover (bottom) – $37.99

Ekk! 😍 Exact Anthropologie clothing lookalikes make us so happy! From the round, gold zipper to the trendy oversized cut, this staple piece couldn’t be more perfect and you’ll save well over $100! 😱 Even better, the Amazon one comes in seven aesthetically pleasing colors we know you’ll obsess over. With a deal like this, you may need to scoop up two!

9. Be bold in a chic green utility romper this summer and save over $100.

Anthropologie Cloth & Stone Utility Romper (top) – $160
ASOS New Look Utility Romper (bottom) – $36.98

Okay, okay, we know the lookalike we found is slightly bolder, but we love it! 😍 If you’re after a great romper to show off this summer go grab this Anthropologie clothing lookalike for over $100 less! It features the same cuffed detailing, front pockets, and large buttons.

10. Show off your feminine side with this gorgeous tulle skirt.

Anthropologie Ruffled Tulle Midi Skirt (top) – $158
Amazon Femiserah Tulle Skirt (bottom) – $27.99

How fun are these tulle skirts?! 😍 Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just love showing off your feminine side, this find couldn’t be more stunning! Plus, you’ll save well over $100 and our Amazon pick comes in over ten colors and patterns. There’s no reason not to give it a try with almost 1,000 5-star reviews and it looks just like Anthropologie clothes!

Shopping around? We found another similar tulle skirt on Etsy for $45 and comes in four different colors.

Shop these fun Anthropologie lookalike accessories and shoes:

11. Spend about $250 less on this stylish beige fedora hat for summer.

Anthropologie Van Palma Paul Rancher (top) – $302
Lulus Lila Beige Wool Wide-Brim Fedora Hat (bottom) – $59 (regularly $84) 

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Think of all the outfits you can wear this Anthropologie-inspired accessory with this spring and summer! 🤩 Better yet, you’ll save so much money, you could even spend the savings on an Airbnb getaway for a weekend and take your hat with you. 😉

Want to spend even less? We spotted another similar beige fedora hat at Walmart for even less! Just keep in mind there are currently no reviews, so we can’t say if the quality will be up to par. Luckily, they have a great return policy if it doesn’t work out.

12. A zebra bag is bold and is always a yes when you save over $200.

Anthropologie Wolf & Willa Zebra Tote (top) – $298
DSW Vince Camuto Oriel Satchel (bottom) – $69.99 (regularly $118) 

We are here for this feisty find! 🤩 Grab this bold contrast zebra bag to make a powerful statement anywhere you go! We know this will be just the bag you’re looking for to bring sophistication and fun to your wardrobe. While our DSW find is slightly smaller, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper, has better ratings, and we think it’ll be more appropriate for every day use with it’s more practical size.

13. Stoney Clover doesn’t have anything on this affordable belt bag lookalike from Amazon.

Anthropologie Stoney Clover Lane Noir Belt Bag (top) – $98
Amazon YogoRun Large Belt Bag (bottom) – $26.99 (regularly $29.99) 

We’re familiar with the Stoney Clover trends but know they’re overpriced since you can find the perfect lookalikes on Amazon and other retailers! With belt bags being all the trend, we couldn’t love this bag we spotted more! Plus, you can order it with patches or grab it plain and add your own. 😍

Hip Tip: Check out all of these other Stoney Clover Lane lookalikes if you’re a huge fan of their fun personalized styles!

14. Get exactly the same chic mules for $45 less at Zappos.

Anthropologie Seychelles Leeward Mules (top) – $89.95 (regularly $119)
Zappos Seychelles Leeward Mules (bottom) – $45.13 (regularly $119) 

We love finding the exact same item for less at other retailers, but this has to be the biggest price difference we’ve seen yet! 🤩 You can score this exact same pair of highly-rated mules at Zappos for nearly $45 LESS! They’re selling out fast, but not to fret, they have 5 other colors to choose from in case they’re gone.

15. These slip-on sandals will go with everything and you’ll save $100.

Anthropologie Maeve Mule Sandals (top) – $130
DSW Lucky Brand Frijana Sandal (bottom) – $29.99

You won’t mind the slight differences between these two pairs of shoes when you save $100! We love that our more affordable find still has clean lines, a kitten heel, and is neutral enough to go with everything.

Shopping around? Nine West makes a similar slip-on sandal for under $80 that comes in 4 colors and a slightly smaller heel.

16. Take these Birkenstock lookalikes to the pool all summer and save $40.

Anthropologie Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals, white (top) – $50
Target Shade & Shore Neida EVA Two Band Slide Sandals (bottom) – $10

No one will know the difference between these waterproof sandals! Even better, Target offers these super affordable sandals in over 10 colors so you better believe you can have just the Birkenstock lookalike you want. I’ve owned a pair in black for well over a year and can assure you they’re well worth the $10.

17. Scoop up some cozy-lined Birkenstock lookalikes for colder weather and save well over $100.

Anthropologie Birkenstock Arizona Shearling-Lined Sandals (top) – $160 
Walmart Corkys Shearling Slide Sandals (bottom) – $26.97 (regularly $29.99)

One trend we’re seeing is sandals with socks and if you’re loving the lined sandals for colder weather too, you’ll love this lookalike even more! For well over $100 less we’re convinced no one will know you went to Walmart for this sandal.

18. Save over $300 with this everyday paperclip stacking necklace.

Anthropologie Three Sisters Jewelry Gold Paperclip Chain (top) – $345
Target A New Day Paper Clip Chain Short Necklace (bottom) – $12.99

Anthropologie offers endless trendy jewelry options but the prices tend to also be super inflated despite the fact many pieces are the identical quality you’ll find at other more affordable retailers. I’m loving this unique paper clip necklace that you can stack and wear every day.

19. Or go for a more chic look and save over $60 with this flat gold chain necklace.

Anthropologie Maslo Herringbone Chain Necklace (top) – $86
Banana Republic Flat Herringbone Gold Chain Necklace (bottom) – $24 (regularly $40) 

Plus, score an additional 20% OFF – automatically applied at checkout!

You need to grab this flat gold necklace if you’ve been eyeing this chic trend. Considering you can score it for under $20 at Banana Republic, I’d be running to your cart to score this incredible steal!

20. Personalized name bracelets are a great gift idea for anyone.

Anthropologie Brook & York Custom Nameplate Bracelet (top) – $98
Etsy 14K Gold Name Bracelet (bottom) – $16.50+ (regularly $22+)

We can’t get over the price difference of this Anthropologie-inspired accessory! 😱 While the Anthro one is made of 18k gold, you’ll still get a durable 14k gold with the more affordable Etsy bracelet. Better yet, they give you the option of a cable chain similar to Anthropologie’s or a more modern box chain option. Plus, you can pick between three colors and order the exact bracelet size you need. The options are endless! 

Shopping around? We love this even more minimalist and tiny personalized name bracelet on Etsy!

Hip Tip: Check out our team’s favorite personalized name necklace if you’re looking for more gift ideas or something special for yourself.

Planning a wedding on a budget? We even spotted some affordable options for your big day too!

21. Save $1,000+ on your big day with this beautiful boho wedding gown.

Anthropologie Willowby by Watters Olena Gown (top) – $1,750
Etsy Boho Lace Wedding Gown (bottom) – $896

Considering this stunning gown on Etsy if you’re planning the boho wedding of your dreams! ✨ It’s close to $1,000 less on Etsy and looks nearly identical with the tulle skirt and all! Plus, for just under $100 more you can even get it custom sized exactly to your specifications which isn’t an option at Anthro.

22. Or stick with tradition and save over $1,000 on this off-shoulder lace wedding gown.

Anthropologie Watters Bettina Gown (top) – $1,927
David’s Bridal Galina Signature Embellished Lace Wedding Dress (bottom) – $999.99 (regularly $1,499)

This stunning David’s Bridal gown is still less than Anthropologie’s piece, even on sale! 👏🏻 So, if you’re going for something more traditional, say yes to our more affordable Anthropologie clothing piece!

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23. Get ready for your big day with this chic white lace kimono.

Anthropologie Rose Kimono (top) – $88
Saks Fifth Avenue In Bloom Satin Lace Robe (bottom) – $58

Don’t forget about getting ready for your big day too! You can save $30 by ordering this silk white lace robe from Saks Fifth. Who would have thought you could even find similar Anthropologie clothes for less at Saks?! 🤩 You certainly won’t be compromising on style or quality with this find and while there are no reviews at Saks, rest assured it has all 5 stars on

Anthropologie clothes may have ended but we found furniture lookalikes too!