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Do You Use Kroger’s Cash Back Program?

Get ready to save even more at your Kroger store!
Have you heard about Kroger’s cash-back program? Despite being around since 2019, many shoppers aren’t utilizing it at all or as much as they should!

If you are a frequent Kroger shopper and/or are just trying to save money on groceries, this is a super simple way to save! Simply create a Kroger account, register your Shopper’s Card, and then head over here to view all the current cash back offers. Clip the qualifying cash-back offers prior to your grocery trip or within a week of purchasing the item – the more you purchase these qualifying cash-back items, the more your cash earned balance increases!

You’ll then be able to send this balance to your Shopper’s Card. From there, you can use this balance on in-store purchases!

To keep you motivated with a penny-pinching mindset, Kroger even has a 5-Week Saving Streak to keep you enticed while saving as much as possible! Currently, you can score cash-back offers on select snacks, cereal, beer, wine, and more.

Note: Digital/paper coupons and cash back offers may not be combined and are limited to one per item.

If you use Kroger’s cash-back program, share your experience in the comments!

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