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If You’re Searching “Cheap Eggs Near Me” – You’re In Luck as Prices are Dropping!

Find yourself searching for “cheap eggs near me”? Find all the egg prices near me!

Looking for the best grocery store to buy eggs?
Like many of our readers have been doing, we constantly scour the aisles to find the best-priced eggs. Earlier this year, we saw the highest spike in egg prices due to a massive shortage of supplies, which you can read more about here.

Because of the high price of eggs, we even came up with a variety of egg substitutes to use in their place. Although these are great alternatives, sometimes you just want an egg!

Now, the price of eggs has finally started to decrease, and they are even approaching pre-pandemic prices in some areas. Keep reading for an update on the price of eggs at popular retailers, and bear in mind that these prices depend heavily upon your city and state.

Is buying eggs in bulk still a good idea?
When the price of eggs was at its peak, it seemed like your best bet was to purchase them in bulk whenever possible. In addition to paying less for each egg, you could also make fewer trips to the grocery store.

Now, it really depends on your location. In some cases, buying in bulk won’t save you much money, and it may even cost you a little bit more! Below, we’re showing the current price per egg to help you see the true cost, and which store may have the best option for your budget.

Take a look at the current egg prices we’re seeing at a variety of retailers…

Albertsons Lucerne Farms Eggs Large 60 Count – $7.99 = 13¢/egg
Albertsons Lucerne Farms Eggs Large 18 Count – $2.39 = 13¢/egg
Albertsons Lucerne Farms Eggs Large 12-Count – $1.59 = 13¢/egg

ALDI Goldhen Cage Free Grade A Large Brown Eggs 12-Count – $3.06 = 25¢/egg
ALDI Goldhen Free Range Grade A Large Brown Eggs 12-Count – $3.39 = 28¢/egg
ALDI Simply Nature Organic Cage Free Grade A Large Brown Eggs 12-Count – $3.55 = 30¢/egg

BJs Wellsley Farms Extra Large Cage Free White Eggs 60-Count – $6.79 = 11¢/egg

Costco Kirkland Signature Cage Free Eggs 24-Count – $4.99 = 21¢/egg

Sam’s Club Sauder’s Large White Eggs 90-Count – $10.82 = 12¢/egg

Sprouts Cage Free Large Grade AA White OR Brown Eggs 12-Count – $3.99 = 33¢/egg

Target Good & Gather Grade A Large Eggs 18-Count – $1.89 = 11¢/egg
Target Good & Gather Grade A Large Eggs 12-Count – $1.29 = 10¢/egg

Walmart Great Value Large White Eggs 60 Count – $6.02 = 10¢/egg

Walmart Great Value Large White Eggs 36-Count – $3.64 = 10¢/egg

Walmart Great Value Large White Eggs 18-Count – $1.83 = 10¢/egg
Walmart Great Value Large White Eggs 12-Count – $1.24 = 10¢/egg

Whole Foods Organic Eggs Grade A Large Brown 18-Count – $7.69 = 43¢/egg
Whole Foods Pasture Raised Large Brown Grade A Eggs 12-Count – $3.79 = 32¢/egg

How can you tell how long your eggs stay fresh?
You may be on the fence about buying in bulk or prolonging the lifespan of your eggs in the fridge, especially when the expiration date has passed. One method our Hip team members have used is the float test!

Simply place your egg in a bowl of water; if it lays on its side on the bottom, it’s still fresh. If it’s standing straight up, it should be eaten soon and best served when hard-boiled. If it floats, it’s passed its prime and should be discarded. Our team has tried this even a week after the expiration date, and the eggs have always stayed fresh.

When in doubt, freeze your eggs!
Did you know you that you can freeze your eggs for up to a YEAR?! We dive deep into the topic of freezing dairy products, discussing how to freeze milk, cheese, eggs, and more.

For eggs, whisk them up and pour them into an easy-twist ice cube tray or muffin tin. You can season as desired now to avoid doing so later.

When you’re ready to defrost them, pop your eggs in the fridge for 24 hours before intended use. What an egg-cellent idea! 🥚

Celebrate affordable eggs by making these Starbucks-inspired egg bites at home!