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Orion Choco Churros Turtle Chips Now Available at Sam’s Club

A Sam’s Club deal for your sweet tooth! 🦷
Churros fans, time to head over to Sam’s Club and grab a few bags of these NEW Orion Choco Churros Turtle Chips – a 17oz bag is only $5.98!
This yummy snack gets its name from the way the chips rise and separate during baking, giving them their 4-layered turtle shell shape. Each of the four layers is coated with rich chocolate and cinnamon for a sweet snack that tastes similar to chocolate churros.
These light and crispy chips are amazing on their own, but they would also be a great addition to a cookie charcuterie board or as a snack on movie night! Orion Turtle Chips bring big chocolate churros goodness with exactly the right amount of sweetness in every bite!

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Taste buds still on the fence?

Super crispy, lightly sweetened, nice amount of chocolate with a touch of cinnamon. I will definitely reorder more since we ate the entire bag in one day, and it’s a big bag! Too easy to eat, dangerously good!

Yum Yum Yum! These are delicious. Great snack to put out for a gathering!

Delicious! 😋 A great crispy treat. I love the chocolaty 🍫 taste.

Addictive!!! The grandkids cleaned them up. I will be ordering more.

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