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Obsessed w/ Bogg Bags? We Found 9 Best Alternative Beach Totes (+ 1 to Avoid!)

Love Bogg Bags but hate the price? These rubber beach bag alternatives are highly-rated, similar in style, and cost a lot less!

We’ve found the perfect Bogg Bag-inspired totes.
If you’ve ever heard of Bogg Bags, it’s likely you already know just how popular these totes are. Known for being waterproof, incredibly easy to clean, durable, and even tip-proof, these bags are truly unlike anything else on the market!

Their perforated exterior design makes them really versatile & functional. You can add their included clear snap insert bags (perfect for your small belongings) and even add your personal style through clip-on keychains & charms off Etsy. Needless to say, all of their incredible features make them perfect for any adventure from the sandy beaches to a getaway girl’s weekend!

So what’s not to love?
Well, the price & availability make them nearly unreachable for most people. 😬 If you’ve gone to buy your own Bogg Bag once before, it’s likely you’ve noticed they’re out of stock quite frequently – that’s because they’re THAT popular! And if not, you may have had a bit of sticker shock as the current regular price for just one XL Bogg Bag on Amazon will run you nearly $160. 😳

Fortunately, there are a handful of Bogg Bag-inspired totes on the market. Skip the high price tags and try one of these lookalikes instead!

The Short List Of The Best Bogg Bag Alternatives:

The Best Exact Replica: The Simply Southern Tote Bag
The Best For Easy Cleaning: The SunBagg
The Most Affordable Rubber Beach Bag: The Time & Tru Women’s Molded Tote Bag
The Machine-Washable Luxury Lookalike: The QOGir Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag
The Space Saver: The HOXIS Mesh Beach Tote
The Most Lightweight: The SCOUT Original Deano Beach Tote
The Best For Storing Small Essentials: No Boundaries Women’s Neoprene Tote Bag
The Best Budget Buy: The Shade & Shore Mesh Tote Bag

Whether you’re heading for a tropical winter vacation or planning for next summer already, try these Bogg Bag-inspired totes that are just as good (plus one to avoid!):

1. The Simply Southern Tote is an exact replica without the huge price tag.

Simply Southern Tote Bag – $73.76 shipped

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was an actual Bogg Bag itself! In fact, the Simply Southern beach bag has become so popular it is even becoming hard to come by so make sure to browse all of the Simply Southern tote listings on Amazon to get your hands on one before they’re gone.

Crafted with the same easy-to-clean waterproof material, the Simply Southern Bogg Bag lookalike can do it all! The straps are even removable and it comes with a similar clip-on inner bag and grip bottom so it doesn’t easily tip. Want to really show off your personality? They even offer other styles like their smaller bags with prints.

If you’re obsessing over the Bogg Bags, we know you won’t find a better alternative than this! Erica on our team purchased one and can attest to the quality — and you won’t want to miss her non-recommended brand at the end of this post!

2. Personalize one of these waterproof SunBaggs.

SunBagg Beach Bag – $99.50
Clip the Amazon coupon to save $15
Final cost just $84.50!

Okay, so I realize this rubber beach bag is definitely on the steeper side price-wise. However, with not having any holes around the exterior for sand to get through and the ability to customize your own handles (at no additional cost), I thought this was such a great option if you’re still wanting the Bogg Bag look for a little less.

Plus, it’s made with the same material as Bogg Bags for easy cleaning, the handles are removable, and it’s complete with a grippy bottom to make it tip-proof and slip-proof.

3. Walmart sells an affordable Time & Tru Bogg Bag lookalike for under $25!

Time and Tru Women’s Molded Tote Bag – $14.50 (regularly $24.98)

You read that right — under $25! While we’ve been having a hard time spotting these Bogg Bag alternatives in-store, reviews are already flowing in raving about them. And check out those bold summer-ready hues! 🤩

All that said, while purchasing, you might want to pick up a small tube of super glue as it sounds like the handles have a tendency to unscrew. But for $24.95 + a $3 tube of glue, this rubber beach bag is still one of the cheapest alternatives we’ve seen.

“I like this but…be warned the handles come off often, they are screwed on in the inside, I checked them all and found them loose so I tightened them all and while I was out the handled fell off again, I finally used E6000 and glued them, no more problems yet! I do like the bag!” – Walmart reviewer, Lolli

4. This machine-washable tote is over $200 cheaper than the identical one at Neiman Marcus.

QOGIR Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote – $29.99+

Not only is this an extremely practical bag, but it’s also super affordable compared to the identical Neiman Marcus tote which happens to be a whopping 300+ dollars! 😱 Plus, you won’t have to worry about sand, spills, or toting around all your kiddo’s snacks because it’s even machine washable!

You can even get 3 different styles in one with this bag thanks to the snaps making it the most versatile bag on our list. 🙌

Here a similar brand that’s offers a different variety of colors at just over $40! 

5. Amazon nailed it with this trendy space-saving tote under $20.

HOXIS Mesh Beach Bag – $16.90

Amazon has a trendy beach-friendly bag that is affordable, comes in 13 different colors, and is collapsible so it saves space too! It features easy-to-grab handles and an interior pocket to organize all of your beach essentials. In fact, it would even be the perfect bag for storing bath toys, groceries, or whatever else you want to carry around in style!

6. You won’t mind carrying everyone’s stuff with this super lightweight SCOUT beach tote.

SCOUT Original Deano Beach Bag – $45

Although this bag is extremely lightweight, it’s crafted with a super durable bottom so you can fill it with all your boating or beach essentials. Plus, it’s made of water-resistant material, similar to a tarp, so it’s easy to keep clean, yet amazingly still holds its shape when wet.

Even better, if you’re needing an even larger size or a smaller tote for your next day trip, they’ve got every size imaginable on their Amazon store.

7. This neoprene beach tote comes with a removable zipper pouch.

No Boundaries Women’s 2-Piece Neoprene Tote Bag – $24.98

Walmart carries a ton of cute Bogg bag alternatives like this one from No Boundaries. This company makes a ton of cute beach bags, but this one is a little special. It’s lightweight with a magnetic snap closure and it comes with corded top handles for comfortable and easy carrying. This cute tote is available in a variety of colors and patterns, but what sets it apart from other totes is that it comes with a removable zipper pouch where you can store all your favorite essentials! It’s like buying 2 for 1!

8. Shade & Shore’s mesh beach bags fit every budget.

Shade & Shore Mesh Shoulder Beach Bag – $10 

If a Bogg Bag or exact lookalike isn’t in your budget, Target has an option for you. For $10 you can scoop up a cute mesh tote that’s ideal for the farmer’s market or beach. The mesh makes it easy to find your belongings and the bag even has side pockets for smaller items. Plus, it’s super lightweight and easy to store!
9. Sam’s Club has a NEW Sport Brella Bogg Bag lookalike for just $59.98!

Sport Brella Beach Tote in Red, Black, or Aqua – $59.98

This Sport Brella Bogg Bag lookalike is made of lightweight durable and waterproof foam. It features a wide-mouth opening for quick loading and unloading of all your essentials and has a flat bottom to resist falls from tipping. The best part? It’s stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned by just spraying it down with water! It’s the perfect on-the-go bag for all your outside adventures!

One Bogg Bag alternative not to buy? Skip this replica by Crown & Ivy.

Erica’s sister-in-law was wanting one of these bags so for her baby shower gift, she decided to scoop one up to fill with baby essentials. She purchased the Simply Southern Tote from Amazon (our #1 pick!) and this Crown & Ivy brand from Belk. Unfortunately for Erica, this experience taught her the lesson of “you get what you pay for” as the one side of the Crown & Ivy handle popped right off! 😡

She had hers filled with necessities for a fun day at the pool but the contents of this rubber beach bag spilled everywhere (while carrying her baby no less!) completely put a sour taste in her mouth for this Bogg Bag alternative.

If it’s any consolation, the Belk customer service team was so kind and compassionate towards this unpleasant experience, and they offered Erica a full refund without needing her to send back the bag. At least there was a silver lining to the not-so-stellar purchase but buyer beware as other reviewers of the Crown & Ivy bag have reported the same issue!

Psst… do you still feel like you need a Bogg Bag?
Amazon has some Small Bogg Bags & XL Bogg Bags in stock (though certain colorways are at a significantly higher price). They can also be found at Dillard’s for $90 for all colors. But know that no matter where you purchase, these popular bags don’t stay in stock long so don’t wait around if you still decide you need to get your hands on one.

These would make some incredible gifts for anyone!