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Canvas on Demand: Operation Hi Mom!

Who wouldn’t want some of their favorite photos transformed into an amazing canvas work of art? I am a photo junkie and love the fact that Canvas on Demand can create a beautiful canvas in only 3-4 days using your uploaded photos! Besides the fact that they sell a wonderful product, they also have an awesome program for our US Military called Operation Hi Mom!

Operation Hi Mom awards hundreds of our deployed men and women a FREE fine art canvas, printed from a favorite photo, which will be presented to their moms on Mother’s Day. Deployed soldiers can simply click here to submit a request, write their mother an endearing message, and upload a photo. It’s a way for soldiers to say to their mom, I love you…and it’s a way for Canvas on Demand to thank our troops for a job well-done!

Canvas on Demand also has a great program for spouses of US military called Operation Hi Honey. As with Operation Hi Mom, Canvas on Demand gives hundreds of deployed military men and women a FREE fine-art canvas that will be presented to their spouse on their anniversary. Any deployed member of the United States military who wants to surprise their spouse on their anniversary can apply by clicking here. Recipients are selected randomly each week; be sure to apply at least 6 weeks before your anniversary date.

(Thanks, Because More Is More!)