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Kellogg's Special Promotions, Rebates & More!

There have been so many great Kellogg’s cereal deals lately that I just wanted to remind everyone to see if they have any special marked packages of cereal. There are numerous items you can snag for FREE as long as you cut out the symbols on each Specially marked package of select Kellogg’s cereal boxes. You can get FREE DVDs, Hot Wheel & Barbie products, books, and the list goes on. Go on over here to check out all the promotions they have available and trust me they have quite a few!

I have a big Ziploc bag that I store all my Kellogg’s symbols in. When I’m at the grocery store I also always try to make sure to get the specially marked boxes. There are quite a few boxes that don’t have any special promotion, so definitely look carefully when your picking out your cereal.

I personally just LOVE rebates and other product promotions. Not ONLY can you snag inexpensive or free products with coupons… BUT then you can turn around and get additional freebies or even cash back. It doesn’t get much better then that!:)

***Organization is key when it comes to couponing and keeping track of rebates. This was the most difficult part to get the hang of when I first started learning the ropes. I would love to do a few posts about coupon organization and how to keep track of rebates easily. Does this interest any of you at all?!? If so, please leave a comment below and let me know.