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Where did you find those coupons?

I get this question all the time, so I thought it would be great to share some tips on where to go and where to look:

Sunday Newspaper– A no brainer for most! But I thought I’d go ahead and mention it first since this is where I get the majority of my coupons from. I also don’t just buy one paper. When the inserts are big and the coupon’s are awesome, I’ve been known to purchase as many as ten!:-)
Coupon Trains– Start one of these with some of your friends and family. Basically all you do is get an envelope ready with coupons you wont use and send it to a friend. Then they will go through the coupons and pick out some they want. Next, they add additional coupons to the envelope to make up for the ones that were taken. Last, they get mailed and go on to the next person!
Walgreen’s Cosmetics Counter-I love my Walgreen’s Cashier… she is always handing me stacks of coupons! Just go to Walgreen’s and nicely ask whoever may be working behind the cosmetic counter if they have any coupons available. They usually have TONS and I’m sure they’d be more then willing to give you some.
Blinkies & Tear Pads– Blinkies are little machines that spit out coupons and tear pads have coupons attached to them. Make sure you’re on the look out for these at all times!
Peelies– These are coupons attached to a product. They usually look like stickers, but they are coupons!
Printable Coupons– Internet Printable coupons are sometimes even higher value than the ones in the sunday paper! I would make sure to snatch up an inexpensive printer, so you can start printing all these money saving coupons!
Inside Products-Make sure to check for coupons inside products you buy. Also, sometimes manufacturers will put coupons on the box itself, so you’ll have to cut them out with scissors.
All You Magazine- This is a great magazine for building up your coupon stash. It can only be found at Walmart. You can also order a subscription online via They have quite a few coupons that make the $1.97 purchase price well worth it! Check it out next time you’re at Walmart.
Mailers– If you sign up with different companies they will usually mail you promotional offers and coupons periodically. I get a Huggies mailers on a regular basis and they’re always filled with lots of coupons!

Where do you look for coupons?
Let us know!